Another Argument From False Memory Supporters- The Number of Those Who Are Wrongly Accused of Being Abusers

In the comments lay another well known argument that has been used for three decades from the people who support the False Memory Foundation- and that is their claim that myriads of people were accused and went to jail for abusing their kids when mischievous therapists convinced them that their parents had abused them.

There are people out there who claim that, always under the guise of hypnotherapy and drugs, therapists wrongly convinced people that their parents had molested them. Now I am not saying this can’t happen- but the propensity at which is suggested it happened is ridiculous.

Take the case of McMartin preschool. There is a book out on the market by the name of “The Witch Hunt Narrative: Politics, Psychology, and the Sexual Abuse of Children” which asserts, after pouring over the court documents of the longest and most costly case in American legal history, that justice did NOT happen regarding this situation. NO PROSECUTIONS were ever had- and the same was true for Omaha in 87″- when a grand jury disregarded a man named Paul Bonnaci who claimed he had experienced satanic ritual abuse and MKUltra mind control training. However- like the book by Ross E. Cheit who analyzed McMartin- the British documentary “A Conspiracy of Silence”- made for the Discover channel but was not aired after a group of high ranking Republicans derailed the show THE VERY DAY it was suppose to be on, showed that extreme corruption kept the truth about Franklin Credit from coming out into the public. Again- charges were made but NO ONE WENT TO JAIL over the claims of child abuse and sex trafficking.

Further more- three days before McMartin was raised, an excavation team discovered the tunnels and rooms that the children spoke about with regards to McMartin- complete with children’s videos, satanic relics- and the remains of turtles and bunnies that were reported to have been sacrificed in front of the children. This begs the question why it was covered up during the trial- and gives validity to what the children were telling their parents. Also- McMartin was one of SEVEN day cares in the were making charges- one of them a Long Beach Catholic Church. The same result happened with the Presidio, a day care on the government base. Anonymous people generally come forward making claims against therapists- but it has been my experience that this is just a “smoke and mirror” attempt to sway public opinion against actually looking at the situations going on in the 80’s and 90’s. Also- the False Memory people have touted how many people have been sued for including DID patients, and so it makes me wonder how both can be true. It is true that lawsuits were being won against therapists all over the place- so if this is true- how did all of these people end up being convicted by false allegations? Of course- the Memphis Three were found guilty- but just because their convictions were over turned doesn’t mean that the children weren’t ritually murdered. Similar to the Oakland Four in Michigan- who were ALSO ritually murdered.

This side basically asserts that anyone who comes forward about past sexual abuse need to PROVE that it happened- suggesting that children should come forward with their own rape kits essentially. Abused children are often terrified of their abuser(s), but now- in not so many words- the public is being told that allegations of sexual abuse that can’t be proved are ALWAYS FALSE. Considering what the world is watching with Price Andrew- Jimmy Saville, and now Bill Clinton- unless the abused are little versions of Monica Lewinski and keep the clothes that have semen on them- then the abuse can’t be proven and therefore didn’t happen. This is a vast slippery slope- and allows the perpetrators to go free- thus basically re-abusing the victims all over again.

It is my assertion that the American government used the False Memory Foundation as a way to cover up the fact that they were abducting and trafficking children at the same time they were experimenting on them with MKUltra. Preventing anyone from even talking about the abuse that was charged- it convinced the public not only that it was a fallacy but to discredit anything they heard concerning it as a conspiracy theory- regardless of all the facts that surrounded the allegations. Claiming that it was media inspired and pushed by droves of misguided therapists and social workers- it has prevented any real discourse on the subject- until recently. Even Bill Clinton apologized to the American public about it’s MKUltra practices during his presidency- giving even more validation that all of this needs to be re-looked at.

Behind all of the satanic ritual abuse and MKUltra accusations is the fact that our government and many of it’s elite were abducting and trafficking children and making tons of money behind it. Jerry Sandusky said that he was not alone- although allegations that his child charity Second Mile High Club was trafficking kids for the rich was completely forgotten after his conviction. There are simply TOO MANY coincidences for all of this to be totally disregarded- and I have always been taught that when coincidence after coincidence is indicated that it changes into a PATTERN, and where there is smoke there is generally fire. It isn’t a conspiracy theory- it is a collection of facts that the False Memory Foundation has done it’s best to keep anyone from looking at too closely. This isn’t a conspiracy theory but rather the FACTS of our HISTORY during the past three decades. Even now their assertions made in the 90’s are being fought ferociously today on the internet. One has to beg the question WHY?

I also added a couple of TIME article links that talk about the brain and trauma, just because I found them to be of interest.

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