Some Articles About Pedophilia and Penn State- The Fight to Normalize the Raping of Children

It seems to me that society is almost always willing to overlook child sex abuse. Children don’t seem to matter- and the Huffington Post article above shows that we are more concerned with football than we are about children being raped. Given time, the abuse of children is almost always overlooked- and it is no wonder why more children and their parent’s don’t come forward- as they are often treated with more disdain than the abusers themselves.

Ray Gricar was a prosecuting attorney that was investigating the claims that child abuse was occurring at the Second Mile child foundation- the children’s foundation that Sandusky was using to sell children for sex to the elite. He disappeared with the hard drive from his lap top two years before this all came out, (not with his laptop but ONLY the hard drive), which suggests that there were some incredibly powerful people behind his disappearance. The average person COULD NOT do this without a lot of questions being asked. A cover up occurred at Penn State- and that cover up allowed myriads of children to be raped. However- the public did what it is doing now- and turned a blind eye to the whole mess. Football, and the money made from it, is obviously more important.

The child sex abuse that was happening at Penn State was incredibly similar to what was happening in Omaha during the 80’s. In fact- the same party that Larry King sang for George Bush Sr. was attended by Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno- suggesting that the same men who were involved with Franklin Credit had a relationship with these two men. Facts have come out pointing to a large child trafficking and sex ring in America but society- claiming to be Christian- have constantly turned a blind eye to it. Arguments can be made- but our actions show that America does not care in the least about what is happening to kids being raped. The loudest voice fighting against looking at a large scale pedophilia ring are generally from people who are now promoting satanism- which is another example that America is anything but Christian. I have fought with these people constantly on the internet and have listened to them say there is nothing legally wrong with pedophilia, working to justify why going after pedophiles is enacting another “witch hunt”, often associating child sex abuse with “satanic panic”. However- what society fails to realize is that it is not a bunch of Satan worshipers that are the problem but rather a group of rich perverts who are making inordinate amounts of cash raping and trafficking children. But honestly- judging by the inaction of the public- I have come to realize that people simply don’t care. One only has to honestly look at what has been done about it to see that. Penn State cares more about their football program and the money being made from it than they do that people turned a blind eye to children being raped- and the public only got involved when the raping of children became so rampant that they could no longer deny it. Given some time, now they are going back to the same behavior- sending a message to the public that it is acceptable to let children be raped in order to keep the money rolling in.

I know this is a rant- but I have become so disheartened with our society that it is hard for me to see any hope for change. Using Jesus as a justification for any hateful thing we might believe or act on- like trashing every Muslim in the world- it is sickening to look at how protective these same people aren’t when it concerns children. All the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children is happening because we ALLOW it to happen by doing nothing when we are confronted with it. Many in our nation will argue that Muslim extremists are using children to fight their war- but that is no worse, in my opinion, than being complacent in letting our leaders and elite rape our children. Our inaction to protect our children has made us a nation of pedophiles and pedophile supporters, and it is the fruit of our actions that make this true. So before anyone starts to argue about Muslim extremists, maybe we should take the log out of our own eyes and realize that our inaction to defend children and our capacity to overlook the fact that they are being raped is JUST AS IF NOT MORE DEPLORABLE in the eyes of God.

If this angers some of you- don’t worry. I am sure there is a football game on the television today. GO SEAHAWKS!!

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