The American Way of Supporting Our Troops- Why I Think “American Sniper” is a Propaganda Attempt

Reading the comments all over the web today regarding the new movie “American Sniper”, I am more convinced than ever that it was made as a propaganda attempt by Republican Clint Eastwood. More than that, I have to say that it is working.

Saying anything disparaging about Chris Kyle has become as UN-American as it was speaking out against the Iraq War and doing so has become synonymous with attacking all of our soldiers. Glorifying death and wars that are over oil and have made the leaders who started all of this inordinately rich, this movie seems to have polarized the nation once again, and seems to promote our invasion into a sovereign nation as acceptable behavior. No one can claim that everyone that Chris Kyle killed was a terrorist, and the fact is that the man LIKED killing. He wouldn’t have bragged as much about it if he didn’t. The man was a proven liar, and the fact that we are now, as a nation, worshiping him as a hero is pretty disturbing. This has been the result of “American Sniper”. You only have to go online and read the comments to see this.

The letter written to Michael Moore by a green beret sniper is also sad. Calling him “cupcake” constantly, a derogatory comment about his weight I assume, is indicative of the attitude that people are using to dismiss what Moore said. I am not saying that snipers are cowards, and there are some who have probably saved their comrades in war, but lets not forget that Martin Luther King Jr. was ALSO killed by a sniper who was directed by our government leaders. (The fact that this movie was released on the day we honor MLK is disgusting all in of itself in my opinion.) Lee Harvey Oswald was also a sniper, as were the two men who went on a shooting spree in Washington. I imagine that it takes a certain kind of person to be a sniper- and, as Chris Kyle has shown, they seem to like to kill people. Claiming that those he murdered are “savages” is not, in my mind, a justification but rather is indicative of his mindset as sociopath. Only a sociopath likes to kill people.

The very people supporting this film are, I suppose, the same who claim to be Christians the loudest, and so how killing people fits in with their religious beliefs baffles me. Republicans LIKE war. The fact that George Bush Sr. tried to go to war with the middle east long before 911 shows this. Thou Shalt Not Kill has been replaced with a belief that it is okay if they are “ragheads”. However, there is not much difference in our treatment of Muslims compared to how Germany treated the Jews in World War II. Feeling just as justified, we kill them indiscriminately and claim that we are saving the world from people we have labeled them all to be terrorists.

The fact is that ISIS exists BECAUSE of us. A friend of mine who returned from the middle east had a vast collection of pictures of his tours that he showed me, and in seeing the conditions that those people live in, I realized that they were just easy targets. We invaded to claim their oil, have killed entire villages of people that have reached close to a million victims, and have kept them starving and impoverished while we cry about 911- even though there are more than a few wondering if our government didn’t do it TOO US to justify this war. The very men who have sent our troops to war have made BILLIONS of dollars doing so- while disseminating our economy, and now we are beating our chests after watching “American Sniper” like we are the heroes in this sad tale.

I find the arguments supporting Chris Kyle to also be illogical, esp. when it is said that in doing so is not giving support to our troops. Our nation DOESN’T support those men and women who are over there fighting. The suicide rate of our soldiers is epidemic, and the 20% cut in disability is CERTAINLY going to affect those who come back physically and psychologically damaged. Considering that many of our troops are homeless also shows that we are a nation of hypocrites, as we only support our soldiers when they are in war “fighting for us”, discarding them like trash when they return. If we actually supported our brave young men and women who are fighting we would do so AFTER they returned- but we only support them when they are giving their lives for us. If they don’t die, or come back hurt, we don’t have any use for them anymore it seems, and we certainly have no interest in sharing our hard earned dollars to help them. Otherwise they wouldn’t be homeless in mass.

American Sniper has everyone talking, but this is just another distraction to prevent us from looking at the REAL issues facing our soldiers and our country as a whole. Sending our young off to fight so that the 1% can gain more wealth is NOT supporting anything but tyranny. If we actually supported our troops- we would be more discerning when it came to war. However, the film is an excellent propaganda campaign. Again- one only has to go online and read the comments to see this.

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