My Opinions on Those Who Are Publicly Connected to the Franklin Cover-Up

In the past decade, I have dealt with almost everyone who claims to be trying to expose the events surrounding a failed savings and loan called Franklin Credit and it’s involvement with a child abduction and sex trafficking ring. Having been asked to comment on the above article and talk about my experiences with those who are involved with trying to “expose” this situation, I would like to take a moment to explain how I feel, and more importantly- why I feel the way that I do. Taking some time to detail the players in all of this, I would like to impress on those interested that I have been personally involved with everyone involved and that this comes from a place of experience and these are not just my opinions.

Ted Gunderson and I had many talks over the phone, and although I never met the man in person, I still grew to distrust the man. Always referring to me as a “great American”, Gunderson became involved with the Franklin Credit mess after prosecuting attorney Gary Caradori was murdered. Suggesting that he was taking up where Caradori left off, I came to believe that Gunderson was a dis-info agent who did his best to present the events happening in Omaha as disorganized and unbelievable as he could. After the man died, I heard many stories from people personally involved with this man that reinforced what I already believed to be true.

Often going on television talk shows to debate a central figure in the child abductions and trafficking by the name of Col. Michael Aquino, Gunderson acted like a paranoid buffoon who was nothing more than a conspiracy theorist. Not what you would expect from someone who was once a high ranking member of the FBI, he did more to convince the public that events surrounding Franklin Credit were a lie more than anything else. From what I know of the man, I believe this was done intentionally.

He often did his best to extract information from me, doing his best to feed my ego with compliments and assurances that he knew me to be telling the truth. However, he was intrinsically involved with a woman by the name of Noreen Gosch- who was one of the mothers of three abducted boys in West Des Moines, Iowa, and it was his involvement with this woman that caused the rift between us. Discovering that he was playing both sides against the middle, I confronted him with the fact that he was telling this woman everything I was telling him with the full knowledge that I didn’t believe nor trust this woman, and after he admitted to me that he was an “information gatherer”, and that he had to keep lines of communication open between both sides, I ceased all contact with the man. Not because I was angry so much, although I was, but because this only worked one way- as he tattled on me to Noreen but not the other way around. As such, I grew to distrust the man intensely.

Noreen Gosch is mother of one of three boys who were abducted in West Des Moines Iowa whose boy was Johnny Gosch. A woman by the name of Rachel Bengley, who owned and ran a website called Franklinfiles, sought me out on YouTube after I had posted videos regarding my experiences with my family- who were involved with all of those who were connected with Franklin Credit and the child abductions and trafficking that was happening in Omaha during the 80’s, and it was on this website that I was first introduced to Noreen. Having written a book entitled “Why Johnny Can’t Come Home”, she suggested that her ex husband John had sold their son, and that he covered this up from her by taking around a “Noreen look alike” around Omaha afterwards. Gaining much of her information from a man by the name of Paul Bonnaci, the abduction of Johnny Gosch in another state became symbolic of what was taking place in Omaha, Nebraska and, in my opinion, was used to discombobulate the situation to the point that people who would try to investigate Franklin would be shown down continuous dead ends. Noreen Gosch was a primary player in this distraction.

Having emails from Noreen where she was claiming to be my friend and once meeting her for lunch with John DeCamp, she presents herself as a champion of children and, being heavily involved with “investigating” events in Omaha, I decided to work with her. Joined with other members of Franklinfiles, Noreen often interrogated me as to what I knew about Omaha and spent months probing me for information. Eventually this extended to my older sister Kathy, and Noreen often called her late at night to garner any information that she could- even though my sister repeatedly asked her not too. A few months after extracting information from the two of us, Noreen and the members of Franklinfiles turned on me and began a public crusade to discredit and smear me. This happened right around the time that I started to question Paul Bonnaci’s truthfulness regarding the “facts” surrounding Omaha.

Paul Bonnaci was a man who came forward with a girl named Alechia Owen who claimed that she was raped as a minor and impregnated with then Omaha’s chief of police Robert Wadman. They, along with another man named Troy Boner, made media headlines in the 80’s, as Bonnaci claimed that he was not only a victim of our governments MKUltra program but was forced into the practice of abducting children as well. Claiming that he had multiple personalities, his actions were so unbelievable that events in Omaha were called a “carefully crafted hoax”, and Owen was imprisoned for years afterwards for perjury. Detailing his “involvement” with the men involved in Franklin, it was his tall tales that Noreen Gosch has run with for years.

Confused as to why an abduction of a child in another state had become symbolic for the events taking place in Omaha, I began to question Bonnaci’s stories and the blatant lack of facts concerning what was really transpiring at the time in Omaha. I did not understand how a man who was so involved, and was born and has grown up and lived in Omaha all of his life, could be unaware of the drugs and child sex trafficking that was happening in the Old Market at places like the French Cafe, the Antiquarian book store, and Stars- a restaurant that catered to homosexuals. The fact that a gay bar called the Hollywood was producing snuff films in the basement dungeon, that Sam Soda- a man reportedly involved with the abduction of Johnny Gosch, worked a half a block up at the gay bar The Stagedoor as the manager, and all of the child prostitution that was occurring around the Greyhound bus station and city jail in an area called the Run was also ignored also dismayed me. Although I could understand how the satanic ritual abuse that was happening at Hummel Park and the efficient disposal system they had going at Forest Lawn Cemetery where the bodies were being cremated could be overlooked- I didn’t see how a man claiming he was an MKUltra survivor didn’t know about the experiments going on at Offutt Air Force Base or all the drugs that were being shipped in there from the Contras. Listening to Bonnaci and speaking with him and his wife on Franklinfiles, I came to believe that he was yet another dis-info agent, keeping the facts of the situation quiet. It was this revelation that caused Noreen Gosch to turn against me.

It was during the constant attacks on Franklinfiles after Rachel banned me, disabling me from defending myself, that I realized that this website was a “sponge site” in which information online was gathered until the point where the person could be could be savaged and their reputation and what they were claiming could be discredited. Noreen, often posing as someone named “Luke”, would go out of her way to trash me in order to prevent anyone from considering my concerns, often typing “would the real Noreen Gosch please stand up”, and it was during all of this that I discovered that Ted Gunderson had been working to fuel the fires.

A couple years back, MSNBC did a documentary on Johnny Gosch that was incredibly telling. At one point, they showed a film of the three sets of parents of the abducted boys from West Des Moines sitting in the same room. First focusing on the parents of the two who were abducted after Johnny Gosch- they were sobbing and their grief was almost palatable. Then they went to John and Noreen Gosch- who are whispering to each other and giggling. Not the reaction you would expect from them. Eventually focusing on Bonnaci- MSNBC then focused on an abandoned farm house where Johnny was supposedly held. Considering that Johnny has virtually become symbolic with regards to Omaha, not a word was said about what was happening there, and I found the omission to be telling. Leaving out Noreen’s claims that her ex-husband had sold their son and had paraded around with a Noreen “look alike”, they did however make a reference to a man that Johnny was supposedly sold too- which they referred to as “The Captain”. However, never once was the public told that this was a nickname for Col. Michael Aquino- satanic founder of Temple of Set and a man named in several daycare incidents where children claimed they were being trafficked and sexually abused. All in all, what was reported in comparison to what wasn’t was telling all in of itself.

Nick Bryant is another player in this mess, and has written the book “The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse, and Betrayal” which is basically nothing more than a rehash of John Decamps book “The Franklin Scandal: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska”. Claiming to be an “expert” on Franklin, I listened to his talk at a SMART conference held by Neil Brick in which he asserted that there were no satanic rituals being performed, that Offutt Air Force Base was not conducting MKUltra experiments, and that only 2000 children were involved with what had happened. Lacking any new information, none of the facts that I have spoken about were introduced, and I consider him and his book to just be more of the same cover up that has been in effect for so long. During a phone conversation I had with him before his book came out, I brought up all that I knew after he told me to “sit tight” and he began to cry after I began detailing what I knew, telling me over and over that he was a “good man”. He may be, but what he is doing, and the things that he is claiming- are anything but good in my impression, and I neither like nor trust Bryant. I certainly don’t view him as an expert on Franklin.

What is consistent in this situation is that all of the “good guys” are anything but. Calling Ernie Chambers- who supposedly is fighting for the people of Omaha and was an “investigator” into Franklin, I tried to enlist his help only to be told to stay quiet unless I wanted to be committed, drugged, and thrown off a roof- only to have my death called a suicide. The second and only other time that I called him, I listened to him rant that he had his own agenda to attend to after he realized who I was and I ended the call by telling him to call me when he actually wanted to DO something for the people and hung up on him. Knowing the size of Omaha, esp. back in the 80’s, I believe there is NO WAY that what was happening was unknown to those who were involved, and since it has remained a secret for decades afterwards, I pretty much have concluded that those “fighting to expose” events surrounding the failed savings and loan have done pretty much the opposite. Considering how involved these same men were in Omaha politics and that there is no way they could have remained ignorant to what was happening, I have concluded that they are just as involved with the cover-up as those who were actually abducting and trafficking children.

I hope, as I always have, that the events in Omaha come to light in a way that brings justice to those hurt and that it happens in such a way that it prevents things like this from ever happening again. The only way to do this, in my opinion, is to honestly expose and look at the truth surrounding what was happening. However, it is my contention that this all needs to be viewed with fresh eyes, without the interference of those who have been so public, esp. considering that anyone who honestly threatened to expose it has died, and this list is extensive. So why is Paul Bonnaci still alive and thriving in Omaha? It is this- above all other questions, that needs to be considered before we keep listening to him and his supporters like Noreen Gosch in my opinion.

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