New Law Passed to Gut Funding for the Disabled: Stealing From the Disabled in America- A Real Life Example of the Hunger Games: New Law Passed to Gut Funding for the Disabled–business.html

Our wealthy leaders have now passed a law that is going to take away a vast amount of money from our nation’s most vulnerable- once again stealing from the poorest people in order to give it to the the rich. Bringing us closer to a real life version of the “Hunger Games”, they have focused on a group of people who are completely unable to fight back, causing devastation to millions of people who are sick and disabled and who are barely able to survive as it is. Considering this is being done by rich politicians who don’t pay taxes, let alone their own insurance premiums, who also give tens of billions of dollars to corporations for welfare- it is pretty sickening to think about.

Disability is only offered to those who need it, and the process to obtain it takes years. Often denying people repeatedly- only those tenacious enough to suffer through the paperwork are able to obtain it, and do so because they have no other recourse. When they do finally get accepted- they are given a fraction of what they could get if they were well enough to go to work, and the insurance is so inferior that most health providers don’t accept it. Unable to afford food, utilities, and the cost of every day existence, those on disability find themselves trapped in the system- unable to work and unable to pay their bills because they are stuck in a program that keeps them poor and struggling. All the while they are too sick to do anything else and are at the mercy of our government- who constantly demands more proof that the person is still unable to work. Claiming that this program is rife with mismanagement and corruption- it is obvious that our politicians don’t have a clue what it is like to be too disabled to work, and what it takes to get and stay on such a program.

It is being reported that 9 million people will be affected by this change- but this group are the ones who include quadriplegics, the blind, the sick, and the mentally disabled, as well as soldiers who have been hurt in war zones. They are the very ones who can’t fight back- and are the most vulnerable in our society. No one who is on disability have new cars, houses, and all the other things that are often argued by those who suggest that we should cut back on such a program- but rather are finding life to be a constant month to month struggle as this program doesn’t offer enough to live. In fact- food, utilities, and medication are considered luxuries, let alone toilet paper, underwear, and shoes. It is NOT a benefit for most people but rather a trap- as our government has declared that those who are on disability can’t work at all if they are to stay on the program. Working nine months in a five year period is enough to throw you off the program- and those nine months do not have to be consecutive, so those who wish to go back to work are unable to do so without risking all of their benefits. Virtually impossible to get and incredibly easy to loose- those who have gotten disability because of their inability to work always find themselves at the mercy of our government who seem all to eager to give money to the rich in any way that they can. Now things have been even more scary- as barely surviving is going to become impossible when this law goes into effect.

In Florida they have arrested a man over and over for breaking the law by feeding the poor- and is indicative of how our rich politicians view those who are unable to fend for themselves. Taking away disability will not prevent people from becoming sick and unable to work- but rather shows that our American leaders could not care less about the public and is proof of their belief in social Darwinism. Considering that these same people don’t pay taxes, have health insurance that they don’t pay for for the rest of their lives, and have luxurious homes, cars, and planes- it is just another example of how the rich are blatantly stealing from the poor. All of us are going to get older- and all of us are going to need help at some point of our lives, and disregarding what is happening to the sick and disabled now is only going to hurt all of us in the end. This is a tragedy that MUST be prevented to secure the future of every person in this nation, as once they accomplish this- it is only a matter of time before their greed extends further to the rest of our citizens. Disregarding the concerns and lives of those who are least able to fight for themselves is folly- and shows how evil as a society we have become. Taking money from the sick so that the rich can afford more entertainment is fundamentally wrong, and must be stopped before it is too late for all of us. This concerns ALL OF US, and to ignore this is going to slit all of our throats. Our government obviously doesn’t care- but the rest of us MUST!

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