The Need for a Re Awakening of Respect for the Sanctity of Life

“Your story, it’s not boring or ordinary. We just get the one life you know- just one- and you can’t live someone else’s or think that it is more important because it is more dramatic. What happens matters, maybe only to us- but it matters. I just wanted you to know that.”

Lines from the movie Ghost Town

It is my opinion is that we, as a whole, have lost the respect for the sanctity of life, and what is needed is a re awakening of the love we should have for each other and the world around us. It seems like we have lost our way- and that, even though the Earth keeps spinning, most of us are living our lives just going through the motions- stuck in the muck of our daily lives. I am just as guilty of this as anyone else- and I just wanted to say a bit about it.

The world seems increasingly darker day after day- and it seems to me that we, as a race of humans, have lost the ability to believe that any of us can make a difference to change that. I know I certainly have my doubts and I often find it easier to lose myself in chaos and drama of “real time” rather than deal with the feelings of helplessness that occurs when I look around me. I also don’t think I am alone in doing this.

Life has become so difficult that most of our noses are pressed to the grindstone so that we don’t loose what we have worked to hard to achieve. The first three major questions that come from every stranger that you meet are 1.) What’s your name, 2.) Where do you live, and 3.) What do you do for a living. Being disabled and never being able to keep a job, it was the third question that kept me from interacting within the populous. Meeting people and having this question asked always left me feeling like less of a human being, and I never knew what to say- feeling compelled to answer but having nothing to offer that people found impressive. I would argue that it isn’t what you do but how you do it but this usually fell upon deaf ears.

It is this compulsion to judge others that has, in my opinion, distanced us from each other. Finding me insignificant, even the most polite person usually ended the conversation and moved on when I was asked what I do for a living and I began to wonder if this is indicative to why we feel so separate from each other. The fact that we make conclusions in our head about each other within the context of three questions is undeniable, but could it be that it is this is why so many of us have havoc around us? Instead of finding our individual lives interesting, as everyone has a story, we have insulated ourselves to the point that our interactions are based on three questions. However, I think that the homeless person on the street is just as interesting, if not more so, that a corporate CEO making six or seven figures.

Important lessons can be learned from those we, as a society, have deemed worthless. To prevent ourselves from living the same fate, it makes more sense to me that we can learn more from the person who experienced it than we can from those who never have. Everyone has something relevant that has happened in their lives- and in the context of the human dialogue- it is all important, even if it is only to us. We are here, in my opinion, to love each other and help each other- as life only seems to matter when we are doing just that. Somewhere we lost the sanctity we used to have for life and it is this that we need to re establish within ourselves if we are going to find a way out of the darkness we are experiencing in the world.

It matters who each of us are. Each one of our lives matter. It makes no difference what color we are, or what religion we practice, or how profitable our lives are or aren’t, EVERY ONE of us matters. As a whole, we need to come back to the realization that we are all together on this life and on this planet and that our actions have consequences. We need to honestly look at how we are treating each other and ascertain if our actions have more implications than we believe and come back to the point where we are able to love and respect each other as a whole. If we don’t come together soon- what with the drastic changes that occurring in the world around us- it is my opinion that we might not make it. We ALL NEED EACH OTHER, and there is not one of us who will survive alone.

In my view, what we need is to start coming together and start trusting and appreciating the sanctity of respect that we have, not only for life, but for each other as well. And that is my rant for today…

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