Article on Child Sex Exploitation including Jerry Sandusky and Franklin Credit

Children Under Attack: A Culture of Unpunished Exploitation 1/2

This is an incredibly good article that was sent to me via my blog today and I wanted to give people a chance to read it. However- I want to put in a few comments of my own.

It is no secret that I do not trust Paul Bonnaci. Having dealt with him personally on a website called Franklinfiles, it is my opinion that he is a disinfo agent who was sent to Owen in order to keep people from believing her. It is interesting that many people came forward ended up dead- like Troy Boner- but he has not. It could be argued that I haven’t either- but I didn’t come forward till after Alan Baer’s death. It was Alan who helped all the other “Baer boys” deaths, like CB Rogers.

I also don’t believe Nick Bryant- who is running around like he is an expert on Franklin. However- his book is just a rehash of John DeCamp’s book- and offers NO NEW INFO. Blatantly absent from his rendition are facts like the Old Market- the Hollywood bar, which was filming snuff films in the basement that was set up like a dungeon, the Stagedoor, where Sam Soda was manager (he was supposedly involved with the Johnny Gosch case), Hummel Park- where the satanic ritual abuse was happening along with Forest Lawn cemetery- which was cremating the remains. I have also heard him speak at a SMART conference where he stated that no MKUltra training was going on at Offet Air Force Base in Bellevue. I also heard him claim that only 2000 children were involved- and in my experience- a lot more than that were actually involved. In a phone conversation that I had with Bryant- I made him cry when I asked about all of this- and all he kept saying is that he was a “good man”. However- I neither trust nor like this individual. His account of Franklin and what was actually happening is lacking to say the very least- and the fact that he is going around claiming that he is an expert is suspect to me.

With that said- I do believe that this article is pretty well written and is factual. Therefore I wish to put it on my blog to offer it to those of you who would be interested in it.

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