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Left on Amazon by My “Half Sister” Joanne Shurter and My Brother’s Daughter Christina Marie Shurter/Blumbkin With a Reply From Both Myself and My Older Sister Kathy

  UPDATED… There seems to be an argument on Amazon on my book as my “half sister”- who is actually my brother’s child- is leaving crap on my Amazon reviews. Claiming she want’s to be left out- this is what is being left on my book site. She came after me- although she is on […]

A Prayer for Michael Holcomb and His Beautiful Family

Today the world lost one of the most wonderful individuals ever. I was honored to know Mike, to be his friend and his neighbor. He was fixing his car, which had broken down on the interstate, when he was hit and killed by a semi. Leaving a beautiful wife and three wonderful children- he will […]