Asking Help for Relocation on GoFundMe

I am a writer, child advocate, and artist and I am desperately looking for funds to ship my stuff from the midwest out to Seattle. I moved out here in order to help host an annual conference on trauma and dissociation for victims of childhood sexual abuse- bought a fixer up home, and am living with no flooring and have had to make thousands of dollars of improvements to bring the place up to speed. I am now broke and am looking for help to get my deceased mother’s stuff out to me.

I am author of a book titled Rabbit Hole: An Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Story which I detail my parents activities as human traffickers, and am working dilegently on an upcoming conference on trauma and dissociation, info which can be found at . I believe that the human trafficking issue MUST be exposed in order to prevent it from happening to others, but I am distracted right now with facing the loss of my mother’s things that she left me. I actually took care of my mother for the last five years of her life and she died in my home years ago. The thought of losing the things that she left me is creating a depression that is hard to deal with.

I have been disabled for over a decade with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and am hoping that the work that I am doing with this annual conferernce will help me get off social security. I really need help to get myself off of disability in order to become a valuable member of society.

I also have a blog site which I detail info on both my abuse and child abuse as a whole- which I recieve over 500 hits a day. It is entitled and I have been working dilgently for years to expose and stop human trafficking as a whole. Again- right now I have been distracted worried that I am going to lose all of my possessions and it is preventing me from working full force on the things that I trully believe in.

ANY money will help- but if you are unable to do so- prayers for not only me but for all those who are suffering abuse would be appreciated! Please help me if you are able!

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