Message to Sheri Storm- (False Memory Poster Child) and the Rest of the PP Squad

Sheri Storm is one of the poster children for the false memory foundation. She has been trying to sue her therapists now for decades for millions of dollars for claiming that they convinced her that she ate babies. She left a biting critique of both Felicity and myself on Amazon- and I wanted to put my reply out there so that people can see what I said- before they have it removed from the site. (They have a vast knowledge of Amazon and the internet as a whole- and generally act like trolls doing what they can to destroy the credibility of anyone they disagree with).

So I wrote…..
” Sheri- the insults and taunts that we have endured on here have been extreme- I mean- even when I was “banned” you guys constantly insulted me and tried to destroy my character- even when I couldn’t respond. I find it telling that now you are trying to act like the victims, and try to make us out to be bad guys when you have done nothing but call names, give insults, and try to destroy anything that we have tried to do to help the survivor communities.

You may have had a bad experience in therapy- and I say that retentively because I personally feel that a person is RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN THERAPY- and you seem to feel that you are not.I have looked everywhere and this “iatrogenic recovered false memories” that you council people on is not recognized in the DSM anywhere- which makes me wonder if this is not a “syndrome” like false memories- which is basically a made up term for people who dont want to take responsibility for their own mental health and are- like you- looking for a large financial payout from their therapists insurance companies.

I find is somewhat disgusting that you put your “experiences” onto everyone else and do your best to discredit the effects of REAL trauma that people have survived by placing your “situation” onto everyone else. DID is caused by extreme, constant trauma and not by sitting in a therapist’s office telling yourself lies. You and your cohorts in here diss all survivor claims, proclaiming the innocence of the accused and calling those of us who HAVE experienced severe and constant trauma liars- which is sad. THAT IS WHAT SCARES SURVIVORS.

This whole push now is not about the book- nor has it ever been. It is about keeping the survivor movement fractured and quiet- so that your group can jump around as trolls and proclaim that repeated, daily, and extreme abuse doesn’t exist and that the trauma we survivors have experienced is no big deal. Now it is about the conference- and your group has made it abundantly clear you will do anything and everything you can to disrupt this event- telling people that you are “saving them” when the truth is- no one asked your group to save them- and DON’T WANT YOUR GROUP ANYWHERE NEAR THEM. People who claim that pedophilia is not a crime by spouting off legal jargon is incredible- as SOCIAL MORES have dictated that desiring to have sex with children is UNACCEPTABLE. THIS- more than anything- triggers survivors.

I think that these tactics to disrupt and stop the conference will ultimately fail. You have NOT stopped any other conference- and fail every time you try to crash the ISSTD conference, so I don’t think that Felicity should be worried. Using me- a speaker who is not speaking alone and is only speaking for 45 minutes within the THREE DAY EVENT is also ridiculous- but it shows that your group will do whatever it can to try and keep survivors from coming together. However- you will fail. As you always have.

Compile my posts on here all you want- it is quite clear to many people that this has been nothing short of a war in here- and the fact that your group of trolls have done every despicable thing you can to anyone posting in here is quite evident. To many – we are regarded as the “good side”- as we are only fighting for the rights of survivors- while you are trying to ‘COOKIE CUT EVERY TRAUMA SURVIVOR TO BE LIKE YOU. You are the one who lied to yourself and told yourself that you ate babies. It is almost to bad that they didn’t tell you you could fly. It would be amusing to watch you run around flapping your arms like some doe doe bird. Since you are- or were- so pliable- obviously you must admit that this is also possible. But besides the fact that you convinced yourself of things that were not true does not dismiss nor negate those of us who EXPERIENCED REAL AND TRUE TRAUMA. We are not like you Sheri- you stand alone- and no survivor that I know of is looking to be paid for their trouble- that distinction only resides with those embracing the “false memory” propaganda.”

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