The Next Objective of the Pedophile Protection Squad- Stopping the Ivory Garden Conference on Trauma and Dissociation

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CritThink says:
I care David, because you two are making a mockery of the mental health care system and the non-profit process. Any therapist who knows the facts on you two might think twice about having their name associated with your self-serving, defamatory, efforts.

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LoessJedi says:
anything you can do to try and ruin the conference. that is what this is all about. I am just a speaker- and plenty of people will come to hear the fabulous speakers at the conference. You will do what you can to destroy the survivor community- wont work- but doesnt stop you from trying.

and why you think I have a large part in this is beyond me. Just more fanciful crap you tell yourself and try to convince others. Felicity is NOT Ivory Garden- but thanks for letting me know your objective- as it is important to let people know what you are REALLY up too.

This group will twist and use anything it can to try and destroy a conference on Trauma and Dissociation simply because we have stood up to them and won’t back down. They are trying to use me- a simple speaker who is friends with Felicity- to try and discredit the whole conference when my sis and I are ONLY SPEAKERS and are talking the SHORTEST AMOUNT OF TIME THAN ANYONE. And not about SRA- but simply what trauma is like between siblings. My sis- who graduated Magnum Cum Laude, is far above and beyond this group of trolls- and I am only there as a back up- and yet this band of trolls are trying to assert that because our abusive step mother succeeded in getting a protection order against me- which people can read on my blog- that I am somehow rabid and dangerous to be around. This is ridiculous- but whatever.

Those who attend the Ivory Garden conference will have an incredible time. But this band of trolls is doing whatever it can to discourage people from going by spreading gossip and twisting facts so that they can deter survivors from getting together. This is not the first time- nor the first conference that this has happened too- in fact the group does it’s best to do this to EVERY survivor conference- including the ISSTD- who generally have to have more security because of the threats they receive up to the day of their conference. This group of nasty trolls will stop at nothing and will twist whatever they can to prevent survivors from joining together and sharing stories- basically because they are terrified of a “witch hunt” that might ensue when we all start to share our stories.

My suggestion is if you want to know the truth- rather than listening to a bunch of anonymous trolls run by satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves- a man who exposes himself on national television in order to garner attention- that you check out and see for yourself if this conference is worth attending. Those who have already registered are many- and we are all looking forward to getting together and having a wonderful time of healing and education that is being provided by Ivory Garden. We have a tendency to turn away and ignore the Pedophile Protection Squad- but the fact that they blatantly are attacking both speakers and organizers alike- I felt that it was important to point out their real objective- to prevent survivors from coming together and making progress in dealing with the plight that most of us have suffered.

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