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Critthink/Doug Mesner/Luciean Greaves and His Presumption that My Experiences are not Mine

Arguing with this idiot on Amazon is nothing more than an act of frustration- as he claims that my experiences are not mine but rather I adopted them from reading a book- although he won’t expound upon what book I supposedly have read that dictated my experiences as a child and adult- which I wrote […]

According to the Daily Item newspaper, Miranda Barbour said that she was involved with a Satanic cult.

Article by Normon Solomon- Amazon in League with the CIA

After reading this article- I can see now why the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad is able to freely act so viciously as it does on Amazon. The fact that Amazon is in league with the CIA and the NSA is not surprising- what IS surprising is that it isn’t news that one of the […]