Critthink/Doug Mesner/Luciean Greaves and His Presumption that My Experiences are not Mine

Arguing with this idiot on Amazon is nothing more than an act of frustration- as he claims that my experiences are not mine but rather I adopted them from reading a book- although he won’t expound upon what book I supposedly have read that dictated my experiences as a child and adult- which I wrote about in my book Rabbit Hole. This guy will jump at anything to try and discredit me- although he has a recent history of exposing himself on national tv and is guilty of the VERY THINGS HE ACCUSES ME OF.

Let me point out that the tale of Paul Bonnaci- who I think was a plant the entire time- is where the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad got it’s idea to dismiss claims of satanic ritual abuse and governmental abuses of crimes against children in the first place. His was the FIRST CASE OF DID IN THE COURT SYSTEM- and it was his idiocy that convinced a grand jury that all the claims of abuse were false. Now- not surprisingly, anyone who comes forth with such claims is accused of getting their experiences blamed on bad therapy- although PAUL BONNACI WAS NOT IN THERAPY AT THE TIME. This group of people dismiss ALL CLAIMS of SRA and extreme ritual abuse by arguing that EVERY CASE IS CAUSED BY BAD THERAPY- and this supposition has since did it’s share of discrediting the profession as a whole. Paul Bonnaci, in my opinion- was a plant who was more involved than he lets on about- which I have stated before- and the fact that every case of abuse is dismissed- either by blaming a therapist or worse, calling the victim a liar- is so deplorable that it defies words.

I do not think that every parent- who have all been called unstable or guilty of having an axe to grind- were being guided in therapy to claim their children were being abused. The daycare at the Presidio- where Michael Aquino was directly implicated- closed its doors due to the allegations- rather than investigate the claims- and Aquino has been let off the hook by the government due to it being an issue of “national security”. To say there is no merit to the claims is to dismiss EVERY FACT and just go with the presupposition that victims are either completely malleable or are downright lying. This Critthink troll on Amazon will argue with me as to what my therapy consisted of- and that I garnered my experiences from reading a book- with NO IDEA WHO I AM AS A PERSON. That is when he isn’t claiming that I am being manipulated like a puppet- whose puppeteer changes at will. First it was my sister- then it was Judy Byington, who wrote 22 Faces- and next it will be someone else. Anything to dismiss me and the things that I have said. That is when he isn’t directly calling me crazy or a liar.

How many years did we have to suffer the abuses of the Catholic Church while the SAME CLAIMS AGAINST VICTIMS WERE BEING WAGED? Now that things have come around as they have- it is common knowledge that A LARGE WIDE CONSPIRACY TO PROTECT PEDOPHILES DID IN FACT TAKE PLACE. The fact that our government has been running rogue for some years now- and that all of the info that comes negating the fact that they have been abusing children have originated from either the False Memory camp directly- or from those who adhere to what they False Memory PP Squad claims. It is sad that things have gone on for as long as they have- and although this PP Squad club claims that thousands have suffered from such accusations- they can only bring up a handful of people- all of whom were helped by the False Memory club. Highly suspect in my mind- I think that the False Memory PP Squad is working in conjunction with the powers that be to try and dismiss all claims of abuse. God knows they seem to have a lot of leeway on Amazon and other places- such as the Huffington Post- in order to try and dictate public opinion AWAY from the victims and TOWARDS THE OFFENDERS. This is disgusting.

The fact that the spokesperson for the False Memory Foundation just got busted showing his genitalia in front of the national media while performing some weird satanic rite is more telling than anything- and although Mesner/Lucian Greaves will attack me and question my morality as a child- his RECENT BEHAVIOR AS AN ADULT is more telling than anything. The False Memory PP Squad does its best to discredit and vilify all victims- while suggesting that the perps have been falsely accused- using any oxy moron they can to try and deter anyone from actually looking into the claims of the hundreds of thousands or more of victims who have claimed such abuse. This, in my opinion- needs to stop immediately- and this demonetization of the therapeutic community needs to cease. If only to open the way for interested parties to ascertain the truth of the matter rather than be compelled to follow the opinions of those who would claim that anyone accused of abuse is innocent.

Contrary to the False Memory PP Squad- I do not think that it is fair to have children document their abuse and do their own investigations in order to prove what happened to them. We don’t expect that from the victims concerning the Catholic Church- and we need to stop demanding that from others. Opinions are not facts- and the False Memory PP Squad needs to be, as far as I am concerned- removed from the equation so that the public can determine the validity of such claims rather than openly dismissing them due to public consensus, which spent DECADES defending the Catholic Church before the truth was able to come out.

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