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An Update to What Was Posted on Amazon this Morning

In reply to your post on Feb 27, 2014 9:30:00 AM PST Gordon_bydand says: 1) FALSELY accused 2) I have sympathy for a lot of people 3) “Pedophilia” is not a crime and in fact has no legal standing whatsoever. Your continued misuse of the term only makes it funnier that you once tried to […]

Felicity’s Reply to Doug Mesner’s/Luciean Greaves New Article about The Dangers of Online Support Groups

First, before I put her reply in- I have to ask how many ONLINE SUPPORT GROUPS were available on the Internet in 97? Taken out of context- which is satanic leader Doug Mesner/Lucian Greaves method of operation- I believe that Kluft was speaking about in person support groups- as the only thing around on the […]