Felicity’s Reply to Doug Mesner’s/Luciean Greaves New Article about The Dangers of Online Support Groups

First, before I put her reply in- I have to ask how many ONLINE SUPPORT GROUPS were available on the Internet in 97? Taken out of context- which is satanic leader Doug Mesner/Lucian Greaves method of operation- I believe that Kluft was speaking about in person support groups- as the only thing around on the Internet was AOL- and there were NO support groups- let alone for DID, around at the time.

Anyway-here is Felicity’s excellent response to Mesner/Luciean Greaves agenda driven article “The Truth About Ritual Abuse Claimant-Advocates and Threats” article.

Felicity says:

“Okay, I guess that I have to be the bearer of bad news to you and for those who don’t realize that you all are still stuck in the 90’s.

The book that you are referring to – or I should say Doug Mesner aka – Lucien Greaves – the founder of the Satanic Temple and like you, a false memory advocate – the one who runs this rag of a blog you are advertising again – are referring to that Richard Kluft wrote in 1997 – during a period when therapists were being threatened, sued, and generally harassed by the FMSF folks.

As is you have done here, you took a paragraph – or I should say Doug Mesner did – and spun it to represent all that was said in that book. You tried to spin it to mean that the support groups of today are run the same as they were in 1997. IGDID was not around in 1997. I have no idea how the groups were run then. I suppose they must not have been very productive. Funny that they were not attacked then by the false memory folks. They must not have been a ‘real’ threat to the false memory advocates at that time.

I am thinking that since Kluft is such your hero right now that you should run over to all of his books and give them 5 stars, but I don’t see you all there at all. Why is that? You only like this one paragraph that gives you call to bash me and IGDID – again. But, I am able to share many more of his quotes that put serious doubt to any of your claims – as he is a professional and in your own words is “one of the most prominent SRA/DID “recovered memory” proponents” knows the truth better than you all. Why would he write about SRA/DID if, as your propose, there is no such thing? hmmm.

Actually sounds like you have a bone to pick with groups that support survivors. Sounds like you all did a lot of digging to find that one paragraph from a book that was written in 1997. Wow – 30 years. I have to say that things have certainly changed since then.

Online support groups, such as IGDID.com, are a great benefit to survivors – as can be found in literally hundreds of articles, studies, and books in this era –

“Benefits of support groups

Regardless of format, in a support group, you’ll find people with problems similar to yours. Members of a support group typically share their personal experiences and offer one another emotional comfort and moral support. They may also offer practical advice and tips to help you cope with your situation.

Benefits of participating in support groups may include:

Feeling less lonely, isolated or judged
Gaining a sense of empowerment and control
Improving your coping skills and sense of adjustment
Talking openly and honestly about your feelings
Reducing distress, depression or anxiety
Developing a clearer understanding of what to expect with your situation
Getting practical advice or information about treatment options
Comparing notes about resources, such as doctors and alternative options” http://www.mayoclinic.org/support-groups/art-20044655

I would propose that you are posting here, because you are looking for the type of support that Kluft was explaining in that book written nearly 30 years ago.

“excessive dependency, and unbridled requests for support and nurture…and the possibility that members will, under the aegis of group forces and their own vulnerabilities, come to believe that they too have experienced what others represent as their personal histories”.

Is that not exactly what you have been doing here and on your little blogs for years. You follow your leaders, such as Doug and the FMSF – who is responsible for you even knowing Kluft exists, and take one paragraph to represent truth, while dismissing not only everything else he has written, but also boundless evidence that ‘today’ support groups are a great benefit to everyone. Thus, you are unable to think for yourself at all – but you benefit from the support as they feed you the attention and nurturing you so crave.

You are so naive to believe that intelligent folks don’t notice that you are threatened by support groups such as IGDID.com and their leaders – such as myself that you (Doug Mesner followers) flood the internet with an entire article written by a wanna be journalist about one paragraph found in a book written in 1997 and spin it to be currently newsworthy.

But, I accept the praise. For you all to be so threatened by the group IGDID and me – is telling. You’re whole purpose in life and agenda is to silence survivors however you can – and, ‘implanting’ a fear of support groups in the public’s mind might just do that – if you could find actual evidence that they are not beneficial. Though you generally bash and undermine therapists, in this case, you are using the words of one of the finest therapists in hopes that they will take this one paragraph as current and question my creditability.

Nice spin – I give Doug Mesner (FMSF follow and founder of the Satanic Temple) the credit for the creativity of coming up with this one. And, let the public wonder why he is spending so much time – again – trying to convince the public that he does not have an agenda.

And, so timely – isn’t it. With our upcoming conference which will include some 300 clinicians, survivors, and supporters – you all really believe that you can chase them all away with this garble – as if we don’t all know that Richard Kluft supports, survivors, and therapists – period. And as you agree with me in your quote: “Dr. Richard Kluft, member of and keynote speaker for the ISSTD, one of the most prominent SRA/DID “recovered memory” proponents” is enough to throw out your new theory.

Let’s look at this quote from Klufts book written in 1997:

“I am particularly wary of leaderless or peer-facilitated support groups for dissociative disorder patients and others who allege that they are survivors of ritualistic groups. I have tracked the course of more than a dozen of these groups over the years, and all but one were unmitigated disasters…the proclivity of these groups for overwhelming their members with one another’s traumatic material, excessive dependency, and unbridled requests for support and nurture…and the possibility that members will, under the aegis of group forces and their own vulnerabilities, come to believe that they too have experienced what others represent as their personal histories”.

He is obviously talking about “peer-facilitated support groups for dissociative disorder patients” – not online support groups – which are not ‘peer-facilitated’ at all, but forums which are moderated by an entire staff of people.

Come on – we really aren’t in the 90’s anymore –

But, nice try.”

This article- and others like it- whose soul purpose is to destroy my credibility, are all an attempt to destroy the upcoming conference in Seattle this October. Trying to pull a dead rabbit out of a hat- Mesner/Lucian Greaves and all his Pepophile Protection Squad members are doing whatever they can to diss and dismiss the fact that so many members of the DID group are going to be joining with therapists to educate the public on subjects like Trauma and Dissociative Identity Disorder. Completely threatened- claiming that we are trying to begin a “witch hunt”- this group will do and say whatever it can to dismiss and detract from Ivory Garden and the fact that they have now gotten Continuing Education Credits by falsely suggesting that 1). I am part of the whole organization and 2). That Felicity is some sort of untrustworthy scam artist- even though the state COMPLETELY CHECKED HER OUT- before giving Ivory Garden the opportunity to offer CEU’s at the conference.

This group- that is lead by Doug Mesner/satanist Lucian Greaves- is NOT TO BE TRUSTED, no matter how much they infiltrate their lies on the web. Doing whatever they can to discredit survivors, they constantly attack and ridicule- doing the very things that they say do not exist. EVERY ABUSER DOES THIS, claiming that they are innocent of the claims against them and blaming and attacking the ones they abuse by claiming they are unstable, crazy- or worse yet, liars. This whole aspect of this should come as no surprise to those reading these claims- as it is common practice and is well known to the general population that abusers lie. I mean, come on- isn’t everyone in jail INNOCENT? That is what most of them claim- and so it should come as no surprise that this group are using the same tactics to drive their agenda to keep the public from reaching a point where they finally understand what the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad has been guilty of for DECADES NOW.

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