Article by Normon Solomon- Amazon in League with the CIA

After reading this article- I can see now why the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad is able to freely act so viciously as it does on Amazon. The fact that Amazon is in league with the CIA and the NSA is not surprising- what IS surprising is that it isn’t news that one of the nation’s, if not the world’s, largest online retailer is working with the government to spy on people. I guess that our government has graduated from watching people’s library cards to Amazon- as it is imperative I guess to see how people are educating themselves and what books they are reading. The fact that they are inundated with trolls such as satanist Doug Mesner/Luciean Greaves, Critthink, Eric, Gordon, Gaston, etc. should therefore not be surprising- as anyone who has a brain and stands up is generally attacked by this group of Pedophile defenders claiming that all memories are false- esp. those that concern childhood abuse. This should be news- and the fact that it isn’t is just sad in my opinion.

Later on this was left on Amazon as a reply to what I wrote…..

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CritThink says:
David, as per usual you pull a whacky theory out of the air and make it truth. By your logic Felicity/Pat who has has admitted here to having a contractual agreement with Amazon works for the nefarious illuminati like org.

No one says all memories are false. Memories at the core of this debate are the ones that therapists claim are forgotten because of truama. TRAUMA MAKES MEMORIES STRONGER not weaker – ask any PTSD war vet. Creating survivors out of suggestible people by manipulating their memories should be a crime, IMHO. These horrible therapists have created trauma by introducing impossible narratives to suggestible people like you through promoting stupid tales like this. Your story is not yours, dude. It was floating around in a book and you latched onto it. The same book was used to convict Fran and Dan Keller. The same stupid stories from OMAHA made thier way to TX via Pam Noblitt who gave this book a 5 star review. Innocent peoples lives were ruined over it. More “survivors” were likely created at their workshops. Wake up, David, you were and are being played.

and so I responded…

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David says:
critthink- really? Who is playing me? I keep getting from your side that everyone is my puppet master. Most of my book is about my adult life- and I don’t know any KIDS who got their trauma from any war- other than what they went through as a kid. I really think it is funny that you will dismiss what I said as an adult- and to be honest- I NEVER READ DeCamp’s book. You have this strange assumption that books control people- and that is scary! I also didn’t get my memories from my therapist- which I talk about in my book. I HAD THE MEMORIES AND THAT IS WHAT DROVE ME INTO THERAPY. I also have not gone through any of the weird things you guys suggest about therapy- which tells me that you are talking about things you have never experienced. But hey- if I can get a million bucks out of it- maybe I should join your group of crusaders. Of course my CONSCIENCE won’t allow that. I am not sure what book you are talking about with Pam Nobblit- but we had a falling out a while ago so to suggest that I am being controlled by them is another example about you not knowing the FACTS. There might be some innocent people jailed- I don’t know- but I know that many GUILTY PEOPLE- such as my parents- never saw anything happen to them. Perhaps my sister filled my head with stories- like Mesner suggested- but then- ALL OF MY SIBLINGS TALKED ABOUT OUR PASTS WITH EACH OTHER. I can’t believe you would call all of us liars and defend my parents- esp. since my father came clean about his past as well. You don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

And if you are talking about Nick Bryant- I never read his book and I have openly fought his spin both publicly and on my blog. It was Brick’s appreciation for Bryant that made me tell Brick to go jump in a lake. So what book did I supposedly read that is influencing me?

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