It Has Come to My Attention that the Pedophile Protection Squad is Working With My Family

I shouldn’t be surprised that this group of trolls has accessed my family- and that they seem to be working with them in order to discredit me. At the start of this conference- my half sister and daughter of my stepmother Joanne Shurter wrote Felicity a series of emails bashing me and trying to get Felicity to turn away from me. Christina Blumpkin has worked with her mother to try and thwart me every chance she can get- even though I wouldn’t recognize her if I saw her (which, funny enough- has happened in the past). But I wanted to say a word on what they are trying to assert.

My experiences as a child DID NOT come from my Shamanic practice- which is what my family is trying to make others believe. They came from experience- and I though I never forgot what I went through- which drove me into therapy- they didn’t originate from anything other than living through what I did. My father’s family- who are MUCH YOUNGER THAN MYSELF- and for the most part were not involved with me and my childhood, still go on and on like they know what they are talking about- when really they are just lying in hopes of scoring money from my stepmother Joanne. My Shamanic practice came years later after seeking out therapy, and has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the memories that I have related.

I will say that my Shamanic practice HAS helped me deal emotionally with what I remembered. Helping me achieve a sense of peace- and bringing me back to God- I am forever grateful for the practice- and for Kathy Burgess- who ended up getting a full ride scholarship to Ireland to study ancient Celtic Shamanism. The memories of my past are not a derivative of my spiritual practice- and though this PP Squad group- in conjunction with my family- are desperately implying that what I have said is directly related to my practice- they have no idea what they are even talking about.

Lastly- I just want to point out that the PP Squad has seemed to have accessed my family just like they did Jenny’s family- who related her story for Judy Byington’s book 22 Faces. This group will seek out anyone who can help them defame survivors- and my family were probably eager participants. They reach out and get a hold of anyone who will help them in their cause- and considering that I left the Midwest to escape their influence- my family are obviously working with this squad of pedophile protectors in hopes of preventing anyone from listening to what I have to say. Christina Blumpkin- writing nasty and untrue emails about me to anyone who would listen shows how eager my family is to bash me.

But like the old saying goes- birds of a feather flock together. And nothing they do, or say, is going to prevent this wonderful conference from taking place in Seattle in October.

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