Amazon Trolls- Showing they are In League with My Stepmother’s Family

This shows that the pedophile protection squad is in league, or trying to be- with my family. This particular poster is guilty of posting on Amazon a video link where Felicity’s 12 year old daughter was dancing- in order to intimidate her and try to make her back down. This poster is also Doug Mesner/satanist Lucien Greaves best buddy and partner in crime. They will do what they want to do to try and take down the conference, and will stop at nothing. Also, taught in every school, is that perps generally portray themselves as a victim and the abused are often emotional.

Karmakaze says:
CBNewMom says: >>I’d rather have those reading this string think that I am a snotty, gold-digging, […] than feed your desire for attention any further.<< CBNewMom, if you aren't already, you could consider archiving these discussions and his blog entries. Freezepage is a good way to archive webpages, and you can use it for free. With regard to David's accusations, trust me, no one with a shred of sanity or any experience with David Shurter will think those things. Several critics of his book and other SRA (and DID) books have also been stalked and slandered by him. We've all seen the way he can take an imagined slight and spin it into a whole conspiracy against himself, and then retaliate with very *real* attacks. Unfortunately, you won't get much help writing to Pat Goodwin (Felicity Lee, aka JustAnotherSurvivor) and notifying her of what's taking place here -- he does this with Pat's approval and encouragement. A better idea might be to write (maybe a call would be even better?) to the Washington state licensing board and let them know of the non-profit organization hosting the conference, that this conference was approved for Continuing Education Credits, that David is speaking, and then point them to these posts and his blog posts. /ContinuingEducationInformation.aspx of course this was posted by my "half sister" Christina during the same argument that Karmakaze is trying to use against me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In reply to your post on Mar 6, 2014 2:05:34 PM PST CBNewMom says: David, I didn't need to "set you up" you did enough crap to get yourself into trouble. And, you know, you weren't the only one that got the shit kicked out of them. But, that is a fact that you like to conveniently forget when blaming me and my Mother for all of your woes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is an admission to the abuse that was taking place at the hands of my father and stepmother. It it proof positive that extreme abuse was happening in the house- and that all of us- ALL OF MY SIBLINGS- were victims of it. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Later- Karmakaze posted this... Posted on Mar 6, 2014 7:20:28 PM PST Karmakaze says: For the sake of keeping the discussion here more focused on Twenty-Two Faces, any responses related to David Shurter and his book, Rabbit Hole, will be posted at the link below. If anyone else is willing to join me in this, we should be able to contain the RH discussions over there and stop the Shurter-thread-drift from burying important info about 22 Faces. If you don't care to do that, I understand, and I hope you don't mind me cross-posting some of the replies over there so people looking at his book can also locate the discussion. I realize there's some overlap between RH and Twenty-Two Faces and this might be inconvenient, but I'm going to give it a try.


Oh- and Karmakazes post shows you guys are indeed a group with a political agenda. Now trying to trash me.

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