The Straw Man Arguments Forming Against the Validity of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

A “straw man argument” is one where you come up with an outrageous lie and hold your opponent accountable for it. An example of this is Col. Michael Aquino declaring that he hasn’t conspired with aliens from outer space, or abducted anyone unto a space ship although the allegations- at least where I am concerned, have nothing to do with space aliens but rather the fact that he has abused, tortured, and murdered children throughout his career as a psych ops agent. However, this argument IS in fact being used as an argument against SRA and MKUltra practices here within our borders. Confabulating arguments that can’t be won, this tactic is used to confuse and discombobulate the facts of the matter as much as possible. However- again- NONE OF THIS has ANYTHING to do with beings from outer space but rather secret government programs that consisted of some of the worst practices that are known to mankind.

Several of my investigators have brought to my attention that there is rumblings that one of the things that Aaron Swartz found at MIT is that children are being trafficked out of the institution, and that MIT has issues just like Penn State- which, funny enough, has all but disappeared for the national media although no one I have spoken with believes that all of those people risked their livelihoods and careers for one lone pedophile, begging the question in my mind as to just where did this problem with child trafficking hide itself- as it is HIGHLY doubtful that what was happening in the 80s and 90s in our nation concerning child prostitution and the money that was being made just dried up and went away- but rather it is more logical to think that it has festered someplace else in secret. The fact that our prestigious educational institutions, working with non profits- would not only be an excellent place to launder such money- but would be almost invisible to the public is something to consider. I believe that Aaron Swartz killed himself about as much as I believe that the prosecuting attorney who was investigating Penn State before it hit public scrutiny just took his hard drive from his laptop and disappeared into thin air. There are FAR TO MANY COINCIDENCES to all of this in my opinion, and it all needs to be looked at.

What happened in Omaha and Houston in the 80s matters because the problems only evolved rather than going away, and it is my belief that we MUST stop this human and child trafficking that is going on within our borders, which means that we need to consider things that we might not have known about or understood before- such as this MKUltra project and the satanism that goes in conjunction with it. The people who fight against this argue that there is never any corroboration, and yet, I have shown- on my Talkshoe programs and the interview that I just did with my sister with Karen and FreeRangeHumans, that there is PLENTY of corroboration but local officials have this obsessive desire to disregard these allegations in Omaha, and I am assuming that we are not alone here. Again- it has absolutely NOTHING to do with space aliens, lizard people, or any other absurd straw man arguments, but rather has to do with MONEY, HUMAN TRAFFICKING, and the POWER STRUCTURE of our nation, along with drugs, power, and treason against America if you consider torturing, raping, selling, and killing American children treasonous.

These people believe in Order ab Chao, which is Latin for Order out of Chaos. Therefore the powers that be are creating the chaos in order to derive the order that they seek from their preplanned situations. It is our responsibility to see through the smoke and mirrors that are a distraction from the real problems, as if we don’t- we will be unable to efficiently enact the change necessary to save our children and others children from the deplorable practices that have helped make a very few very rich and powerful. Just as we had to do with the Catholic Church- maybe it is time to clean house in our educational institutions that are so closely connected to non profits and children’s charities as it is only logical to assume that Jerry Sandusky did NOT work alone with all that he was involved with, and if Aaron Swartz did in fact uncover a pedophile ring at MIT- we owe it to him to see to it that we investigate this and see if there is any merit to the concerns. Again- it is not logical that this practice has dried up but rather it has changed and evolved into something of a much greater concern, and our time is NOW to change the world around us. This is the first thing we should deal with, in my opinion.

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