The Problem I Have With Senator Ernie Chambers and the Rest of the So Called Investigators of Franklin Credit

The first time I ever spoke to Mr. Chambers was when I was first beginning my investigation into my family and our background and I called him on the phone. Briefly listening to me, he told me to drop it- as “they” would have me committed, drugged, and then would throw me off the roof and call it a suicide. The second time I called him, after telling him who I was, he began to yell at me over the phone, saying that he had his own agendas and he didn’t have time to deal with people like me, to which I responded that when he was done “suing God” and wanted to “do something real for his to constitutes”, to give me a call and promptly hung up on him. Now however, I have reason to stand and shout even louder- as I have discovered that the biggest opponent to legislation that concerns human trafficking in Nebraska is in fact Senator Ernie Chambers. Standing guard once again over INCREDIBLY POOR investigations into Franklin and what happened here in the 80s and 90s, I think that there are more reasons than Mr. Chambers would like considered as to why he has taken the stance that he has in government matters concerning matters such as this.

I have said it before and I will say it again- there is no way that investigations into Franklin went as poorly as they did other than it happening the way it did INTENTIONALLY. I can understand how matters into Hummel Park and Forest Lawn Cemetery could have remained secret, as not everyone who was involved knew about or was involved with the sacrifices and efficient disposal services that were going on, and I could even see how events at Offutt Air Force Base could have been left out- even though many, MANY people knew about the MKUltra experiments that were occurring there and the drugs that were being imported from the Contras- but there is NO WAY IN HELL that people who LIVED AND WORKED IN OMAHA- who were involved with the investigations that happened, were ignorant of what was happening concerning the prostitution of boys down in the old market and the area around the local jail called the Run. There is absolutely no way this could have been ignored or overlooked- and so it has been my contention that those who “investigated” Franklin HAD TO BE INVOLVED in ways that have since remained secret- as the history is that no one but a selected few saw jail when the fact was that KEY MEMBERS of our local community as well as well in our government were heavily involved with the human trafficking and child prostitution that was taking place. In other words- Ernie Chambers is working to keep legislation from happening concerning human trafficking in Nebraska for more reasons than he would like to say.

Let me also point out that it is not my contention that Paul Bonnaci is a fraud because he is lying about being involved with what was happening- but rather he is a fraud because he is lying about JUST HOW he was involved- and it has been my experience in the conversations that I have had with Mr. Bonnaci that his story changes at will- and AGAIN- there is NO WAY that someone who has lived ALL OF HIS LIFE in Omaha, as has his family- and who STILL LIVES HERE, is ignorant of exactly how things were happening in here- esp. considering that Bonnaci has spent decades ingratiating himself into events that played out in Omaha while helping to bring focus on a child abduction that happened in another state completely. It is my opinion that Bonnaci WAS INDEED INVOLVED- but not the way most have assumed. This goes for Noreen Gosch- John DeCamp, and all of the others who have helped muddy the waters about what was happening here in Omaha for the years that they have. There is NO WAY that these key people who lived and worked in this area, who were in “the know” so to speak at the time, were ignorant of what occurred here, and so therefore- since there must be a reason for why they have kept their diligent silence for so long, it is my contention that this is to keep all of this from being TRULY and HONESTLY investigated. Whether this is to save their own asses, or what, I can’t say- but the fact that so many lies have been told for the past three decades and the truth has YET to come out- one can only assume that there must be some reason for this other than what has been presented.

Ernie Chambers and his ilk are doing what they can to keep a lid on the things that I wish to expose- like the Aquazinno brothers working at the French Cafe while they were also trafficking kids and drugs in the bar in the basement, once called “The Underground”. These three brothers are also involved with the abduction and sale of Johnny Gosch, among many other children. This establishment wasn’t alone in this- as Star’s Eatery was in the basement of Godfather’s Pizza- and was heavily involved with the child prostitution that was occurring at the time. The whole area of the Old Market was a pickup and abduction area for a child trafficking ring- as the case of Todd Bequette shows, and there is NO WAY that officials who investigated this mess were unaware of what had been and was happening at the time. Esp. considering that the Hollywood- where the snuff films were being filmed, and the Stagedoor bar- where Sam Soda- who was also accused of being involved in the Johnny Gosch abduction, worked as the manager- were both right across the street from the police station. Credible deny ability doesn’t work in this case- and people like Ernie Chambers have a LOT of explaining to do if people ever begin to rationally question what happened here so many years ago, and why it was allowed to remain covered up for as long as it has. Of course- Ernie Chambers is FAR FROM ALONE- as, up until this point- this mess has been allowed to fester and go unnoticed for so long that it won’t be hard to figure out who could be behind such a thing- as SOMEONE has to be behind this “carefully crafted hoax”, although I think that if and when the truth ever comes out- it is going to floor more than just one or two people.

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