The Reality of Male Slavery- Human Trafficking at It’s Finest

It disturbs me that many people associate human trafficking and the sex trade just with women, as it extends far beyond that, and is much seedier than most would like to consider. In a previous video I posted entitled “Boys for Sale”, it shows the propensity that many pedophiles have for the flesh of young boys, and how vast this extends, at least in Houston in the 80s. There is also another documentary called “Conspiracy of Silence” which shows the problems that were experienced here in Omaha during the bilking of 40 million dollars from the Franklin Credit Union. When you factor in groups such as NAMBLA (the North American Man Boy Love Association), whose motto is “sex before eight or it is too late”, and pedophile groups like that of “Dreamboard”, which has been found to be in existence decades before the internet, one must wonder why all of this has been allowed to exist openly in the public eye.

I just attended a program on human trafficking in Nebraska, and the key speaker spoke of two films- one a Frontline documentary entitled “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan”, and another called “The Whisleblower” which depicts the speaker’s experiences coming forward and reporting that American government contractors are heavily involved with the human trafficking trade abroad. The problem that I had with this presentation is that while human trafficking is a huge problem for third world countries, it is also very prevalent and ongoing in the United States as well, and local law officials in the States are about as eager to investigate and prosecute these criminals as Afghanistan is, which is a really sad take on America if you ask me.

Young boys were a focal point in the events that took place here in Omaha, NE- in the center of the United States, here in the 80’s and early 90s, as well as being in Houston- where “Boys for Sale” was filmed. These are just two places in America that this was a problem- and yet over and over it is viewed as an issue for women in third world countries. This HAS TO BE FOR A REASON! Defying logic and what is known about the issues here in the States, depicting this problem as it has been is misleading and one must wonder why our media doesn’t spend more time investigating and reporting the facts of the matter rather than leading society to believe that it is only poor countries that have this problem.

In “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan”, it is shown that parents were willingly selling their children into this practice. Let me point out that Noreen Gosch- who is a mother of one of the first milk carton kids Johnny Gosch- has suggested both online and in her book “Why Johnny Can’t Come Home”, that her husband at the time was guilty of the same practice here in the Midwest. I know for certain that many parents here in Omaha were guilty of allowing their children into this mess because of financial gain, and the suggestion that John Gosch Sr. might have been guilty of this gives proof as to what I have been saying. God knows there was a problem- and there are MANY and various reasons why none of this has been investigated or prosecuted in any way around here. In fact- it has been my experience that the local officials- instead of investigating the problems, are more interested in trashing the whistle blowers who come forward- like the Nebraska State Patrol filing police reports against me without ever letting me know about it in order to discredit and dismiss my allegations. Not much different than what is happening in third world countries.

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