My Interview with Karen with FreeRangeHumans Concerning my History with SRA and MKUltra

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Born and raised to be the antichrist
Buried Alive
Brother was 2nd unnamed Franklin Scandal photographer–david-shurter-02

Blood Ritual Sacrifice “Happenings” at Hummel Park in Omaha
Mind Control Programming under Col. Michael Aquino at Offutt Air Force Base
CLICK to view drawings by SRA survivor Lynne Schirmer of torture methods
Body memories

Forced to commit murder at age 10
Family vehicles involved in several high-profile child abductions
Demonic visitations surrounding father’s death–david-shurter-04

3 P’s: Prestige, Power, Protection
Omaha – Ricky Chadek (Uncle Walt Davis, Uncle Jack Shurter)
Omaha’s rich and famous:
Alan Baer married Marcia Brandeis
E. John Brandeis
Peter Citron
Alan Baer / Brandeis House used in “Run for your Life” Games
Baby Land at Forest Lawn Cemetery
Willie Theisen / Herman Caim of Godfather’s Pizza
Charles Manson’s programming similar to David’s
Incite Race War
Suicide attempts
Father flew private plane out of Offutt AFB / Eppley Airfield–david-shurter-05

Omaha’s rich and famous (contd)
Targeted by directed energy weapon
Ted Gunderson

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