A Declaration from an SRA-MKUltra Survivor to Other Survivors of the Same

Years ago, ex Nebraska senator John DeCamp called what I went through as training for “psychic warriors”, and I have yet to find a better way to express it. A disinfo conference being held in Los Angeles this summer calls us Super Soldiers, but that doesn’t adequately describe what we went through and why- as it suggests that we have become some sort of bullet proof robots who, judging by the title of the conference- are all a result of lizard alien beings from outer space influencing our nations sudden jumps in our technology in the past decades. Like everything else- there is a campaign surrounding the facts of what happened during our governments involvement with torturing children during their MKUltra experiments, trying to hide the facts in a load of bull in order to confuse and distract anyone from looking into the real truths of the matter. Organizations such as the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, began by an accused pedophile, is one example of the concerted effort at manipulating the general populations views of such facts like our government knowingly and willing tortured American children, that satanism was part of the process of the MKUltra experiments that were conducted in secret, (which is why there has been such a crackdown on anyone speaking about such events), and that this practice has been in effect for a long time and is still, even now, probably what is being practiced in our secret CIA torture camps around the world, (and it was my experience that the CIA was HEAVILY involved with my abuse so I have concluded that that it originates from there). All of this, at least here in Omaha, was heavily funded with the drugs being imported into the country through air force bases, which, by the way, let me remind everyone went also to funding wars that no one was aware of- like the Iran Contra scandal. Regardless of who and how, I want to focus on the training and what I learned during my experiences.

I have said before that any social worker will tell you that an abused child becomes hyper-sensitive to their surroundings as a result, and I believe that there were those in power who wanted to see what extreme repeated abuse would do to an individual and whether or not those effects could be controlled and manipulated. Considering the extensive history of this program, and the fact that its secrecy has guarded for so long would suggest that the reason why such behavior has continued is because what they have been doing has produced results. In other words- what they have been doing WORKS, which is why it has been voraciously concealed by rabid attack dogs who bite at the least of provocation in order to keep anyone from getting too close to the truth. The False Memory Pedophile Protector Squad is just one of many who are trying to keep all of this down, even today- which logically dictates that there must be some reason for it- and I believe that is because it is STILL HAPPENING. Which is why local Omaha officials like Mayor Jim Suttle and Judge Marlon Polk, and Deputy John Pankonin, and all of the other Omaha police who have involved themselves with this mess between me and my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter, have worked so diligently to help conceal the fact that she and my father were child abductors who abducted, raped, sold, and murdered children while they were married and my father was alive. Unable to afford this “domino falling”, I have been unmercifully disregarded, my family has become targeted, as well as any who would try to help me, by way of threats and intimidation tactics- which tells me that I am on the right path.

Tenaciousness was one of the things that was impressed upon me the most during my childhood, and although it has been suggested that my motives to expose this are based on revenge, that couldn’t be further from the truth, as it is my intention to expose this situation so that it can be stopped and a stronger focus to protect our people can be implemented as a result. Much of my training was teaching me how to think out of the box, which is common for all of us who have gone through such abuse- as again, they only picked the best and the brightest to be involved in their games, and the fact that we are all joining forces tells me that what we were taught was correct- and that in the end- this would be a fight of light verses darkness. Spiritual in nature- in Rabbit Hole I talk about the three kinds of people I was taught defined humanity- and it was through my past experiences that I feel has helped me reach the third type of which I speak. Instinctively perceiving the energies that surround certain situations, it is my training that has helped me to believe I can influence that energy- by simple focus and relentless action moving towards whatever goal I have in mind. “Successful people do that which failures refuse to do” is a mantra of mine right now, and helping however I can in the spiritual evolution that is beginning to take hold of mankind at this point in time is my intention. Exposing what I went through is part of this process- but certainly is not the end all be all, although again- revenge has nothing to do with it.

I am in the process of working on my second book- a somewhat sequel to Rabbit Hole although not really. The original problem with my first manuscript was that it was two books in one. One, of course, was the whole story of Franklin Credit Union and what I experienced through all of that, but there was a second book in there that included all of the spiritual training that I was given and have procured during my life as a result of what I was taught with my CIA Satanic MKUltra training. This is what I am going to talk about in my second book, which at this point has no working title, in hopes that I can balance out the darkness which I present in Rabbit Hole. We are in profound times at this point in history, and I believe that all of Heaven is with us right now- and it is this that I wish to present in my upcoming book. It is true that we are in dark days, but many of us have discovered that in the darkest of dark is where the light within us shines the brightest, and no intimidation or campaign of any sort is going to stop the spiritual evolution that we are all about to experience on a level that humanity has never seen before- as we begin to reclaim our minds, our thoughts, and our spirits from the darkness that has been promoted so heavily by those in power. Col. Michael Aquino was correct when he called it a mind war- and it is time that those of us who were exposed to SRA and MKUltra training use what we were taught by going within and doing what we were taught to do. Fear is nothing more than future events appearing real, but NOTHING is preordained, and those of us who found the light as children have a certain responsibility to shine now in order to change the individuals worlds that surround us all. We found the light instinctively as children- have no doubt it is within you all still, and our time for silence and hiding is over. We are about to change the world, and ourselves along with it- and in many ways- although again nothing is preordained, for many of us this is our destiny.

This is the end of my ramblings for today.

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