Jeanette Bartha, Critthink, and Karmakaze Are Trolling Around on the Internet Making More Issues for Everyone Talking about 22 Faces

I wanted to put in the link- although this group has become wise finally and have decided to post and then take down their posts so that the only ones they end up harassing are the people reviewing 22 Faces by Judy Byington. This all started because it was commented that although I have been banned from Amazon- so have people such as Sheri Storm, Charles Gaston, and Jeanette Bartha, although it is obvious to me that Jeanette has not been banned since now she is playing “Where’s Waldo” and this group of trolls is threatening anyone who stands against them with being banned from Amazon. This whole thing is a mess- and I just wanted to point out to EVERYONE who might be responding or reading this groups overwhelming posts on Amazon to remind everyone once again:


It only gives them encouragement- and as they are basically trying to wipe out anyone who has a different view from them- such as pedophilia being bad and child abuse mattering. They are a group of pedophile protectors and who needs that in their lives?

They just don’t openly attack me because their whole premise is that “witch hunts” have been started by the therapists of hysterical women- and I neither have been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, nor am I a woman- let alone a hysterical woman. Besides- even though I have NEVER been diagnosed with DID- there are plenty of men who have- and the similarity of those cases is that each of the men went through and experienced Satanic Ritual Abuse as children. I don’t fit their highly publicized theories- even though most all of them have been disproved since the 92′ arrival of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, which is why they poke at me from afar but don’t have the courage to do it up front like they do with survivor’s such as Felicity Lee. But then that is a group of pedophile protectors for you- all working so that pedophiles can be free to molest and have sex with kids anytime they want. I bet their mother’s are proud of them.

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