Doug-As Much as I Appreciate You Begging Me to Stop- I’m Only Doing What I Was Trained to Do


And it has ONLY BEGUN.

Lucien Greaves-Founder of the Satanic Temple-You Can SAVE Your Bribes, Coercion, and Threats

Oh, and Doug- I’ve told you repeatedly the ONLY audience I care about is YOU AND YOUR HANDLERS. And I can tell that you all are suddenly starting to grasp the fact that I have been telling you the truth ALL THESE YEARS. More importantly- you are all starting to grasp that not a one of you can change what is here for you.

As I learned with my training- ANTICIPATION MAKES THE BLOOD SWEETER.

And for those of you too ego driven and ignorant to realize you should be frightened- that will change soon enough.

Aquino and his group were psychopathic Nazis- but they were BRILLIANT. And I was trained WELL. 😉

And he got a hold of me this morning…

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