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Sent to Me : Another View on Debbie Nathan, Author of Sybil Exposed

Here’s another view on Nathan. Unequal Author(s):Melissa Farley Unequal* Melissa Farley August 30, 2005 (Coalition Against Trafficking in Women) This article was written in response to Debbie Nathan’s ‘Oversexed’ (Nation, August 29, 2005). Nathan sympathizes with those on the Left who consider prostitution to be a form of labor rather than violence against women. Nathan […]

Regarding the Concerns that have been Expressed

It has been suggested to me that I am pushing too hard, and that perhaps I should slow down and let things happen.  Probably good advice, but this is the thing.  First, the history of what I am involved with is full of inappropriate behavior, and although I trust those that I have been working […]