A Discussion about Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story

It has been disturbing watching all of our nation’s problems with child sex abuse play out on the nightly news, but I do have to say that the awareness that it is providing the general population is like nothing I have ever seen. People are starting to wake up and become aware of the problem surrounding our children in a way that is incredibly encouraging. The more understanding that is obtained, the closer we get are to comprehending the issues surrounding Franklin Credit Union and what happened in Omaha’s history. Similar to the Penn State scandal in that the abuse was well known but nonetheless accepted as the norm, the more we learn, the more we understand the mentality of those who were able to look the other way, as well as those who were convinced they were above the law. Providing another example of a widespread corruption and secret conspiracies, it shows that such activity not only is real, but that it exists in a much larger scope than ever imagined. Although the events that are playing out at Penn State are small potatoes compared to what happened here in Omaha, I truly believe that the more we learn about the chaos surrounding our children, the easier it will be to grasp the nuances of what happened in Nebraska.

I have spent a great deal of time lately focused on Debbie Nathan’s Sybil Exposed, but this is because it is my contention that the False Memory people are trying to put their spin on situations that seem to be seeping out of the woodwork. I have had it argued that Sybil caused our nation’s history with satanic abuse, as well as Geraldo, and today I even had to comment on the fact that someone tried to blame our history on the Salem witch trials. I have made the comment that arguing these points is like running around a tree. It is a great childish distraction, but you don’t get anywhere, and eventually you get dizzy from the arguments. My argument is that satanic abuse is real and has a history that has nothing to do with Sybil, Geraldo, nor the Salem witch trials. In Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story, I go into great detail to the real history that has plenty of documentation, and makes infinitely more sense than what has previously been presented by the False Memory people.

The False Memory people want to say that for such abuse to be corroborated two external sources must be present, however- such exists with the situations surrounding Omaha. In fact, so much history exists here that it is hard to escape that fact that everything here was ignored when it could have been easily investigated and prosecuted. Ignoring the fact that the history of the False Memory people has been to attack the victims and support the perps, their arguments don’t apply to what happened in Omaha, nor can they effectively attack the documented history that still remains. Yes, we are talking thirty years ago, but the abuses that were reported had nothing to do with repressed memories nor DID but rather the same kind of abuses that we are seeing in so many other places today. However, the element of satanic ritual abuse has a tendency to make people’s eyes glaze over, and that is why I am writing this entry tonight.

Even now, things here in Omaha are fighting exposure. Since I have written Rabbit Hole, I have been taken to court over false allegations, and the end result was that a perp was given power over their victim, even though I am in the process of having the police investigate the things that I have spoken about. My claims have been valid enough that the police have seen fit to extract my DNA to compare it to cold cases that I believe my family was involved with. The history surrounding Franklin Credit and the way victims have been treated is not only far from stellar, but borders on criminal, and to say that I am concerned for my future for writing Rabbit Hole is an understatement. However, the truth must get out there, and sometimes things are bigger than one person. The local authorities do not have a good history with all of this, but I must trust them in order to get this investigated, and so I am leaving it in God’s hands.

The information in Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story is different than any other version that has been on the internet. Completely revamped in way that the new edits contain documentation, Rabbit Hole is, in my opinion, an important look at what was really occurring here in Omaha in a way that is hard to deny. Written as a tribute to survivor’s everywhere, I stand behind the book completely- no matter what the personal outcome is. The truth must be told in order to prevent such abuses from occurring today and in the future, and even though it is in our nation’s past, it is still prevalent in that it stands as a shining example of the abuse that our nation still seems to be incurring. It only takes one person to stand to make a difference, so consider me as one who wishes to make a difference, although it has been my experience that I am far from alone.

Rabbit Hole is a testament to the truth that is part of so many of our histories, and I pray that, in time, it makes some sort of difference in preventing such abuses in the future!

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