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“Things that matter most should not be at the mercy of things that matter least.”
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
This is actually the reason why I am in here basically- because I think that Sybil is small potatoes compared to what I am dealing with- and the issues that I am dealing with are current- in that some of the offenders are still alive and the activities that I am trying to expose are still occurring even today. My contention is that Nathan is using this whole Sybil thing as a distraction from the real issues of satanic ritual abuse- which she is trying to discredit. Sybil- and the issues with Sybil- dont matter to me in the least. However- the fact that Nathan is working against what I am trying to do- I find that dealing with the issues has become neccesary. Im not trying to sell books- I am trying to keep children from being hurt. Unlike Nathan- I don’t believe that we should soften the laws around child porn and abuse but rather strengthen them. Statistics show that child molesters dont stop, and ususally have hundreds of victims before they are caught. I don’t care IN THE LEAST for Nathan’s views on the subject, and will do my best to prevent her vision for our children’s future from happening.
Sybil is just a tool for the woman in my opinion- to further share her views discrediting our nation’s history with child abuse, as we are all realizing that it is under reported rather than overstated.Sybil didn’t start satanic abuse- she was never a victim of it- and the fact that Nathan added this to her book on Sybil shows that she has ulterior motives rather than just talking about Sybil.

Did Sybil lie? She was crazy wasn’t she? So she obviously didnt have a good grasp of reality, nor that great of childhood examples of healthy adulthood. To think there are not going to be discrepancies in her story is not logical. Did she lie? She was crazy wasn’t she? That is what made up the whole story about Sybil. So flaws in logic and judgement are going to be expected. After all- we are all human. And the papers that were all collected- were also done by humans. However- I am sick to death of having to listen to every indiscretion of facts when it comes to Sybil- when the simple fact is that she was just one woman who had problems who, in the end, did her best to have a life. We should all be so lucky.

To be honest- DID is actually an emotionally charged subject for me- as, even though I never had it- my older sister did get diagnosed with DID. She was the first in our family to come forth honestly about our past- and I was her worst enemy at the time. You see, I was one of those people who desperately wanted NOT TO BELIEVE, even though I was aware of my past and had not really forgotten the abuse we all suffered. I was in such denial at the time that I attacked my sister and her relevations worse than anyone has attacked anyone in here. I WAS on the other side- not that I condoned what had happened- but it simply was more comfortable for me to dismiss and deny our childhoods. Without anyone’s help- there is a psychological need to keep abuse silent- due the fact that it is INCREDIBLY shaming. People such as Nathan- who are going around preaching that people are too hysterical when it comes to abuse and our children have a tendency to make the hair on my neck raise, and that is why I have been arguing against her so hard on here and on my website. Survivors have an inordinately hard time coming forward as it is, and this huge push to discredit child abuse is destructive. I can’t say whether Sybil was real- watching my sister at the pinnacle of her breakdown was, to me, so bizarre that it seemed unreal- and yet I obviously had to admit that there was something wrong with my sis, and it had to do with our intensely abusive pasts. I dont know what Sybil went through- but we went through nothing short of our own Holocaust, and it adveresly effected everyone one of us.
My sis got DID, my brother is dead due to drugs, and my older sister died mysteriously (I think due to all of my family’s history), whereas I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is due to this that I find Nathan’s “facts” that severe abuse doesn’t cause incredble psychological difficulties to be off based so far that I can’t beleive anyone would actually promote something like this. Sybil- again- is just her tool to do this. It is the overall effect that she is trying to achieve that compels me to argue against her.Extreme abuse destroys the psyches of children who endure it- and no argument about Sybil will change that fact. The false memory people are WRONG in most of their beliefs in my opinion, and there is a side to me that finds all of this being pushed so hard now to be suspect.
One fact many of you might not know- but the false memory beginnings is complete with board members who were also connected to NAMBLA. (The North American Man Boy Love Association). They also believe that our nation is hysterical when it comes to sex with children and have been working throughout the years to change the laws of consent.
Oh- and one last thing. A therapist helped my sister to intergrate our past into her life and she went on to graduate the TOP of her class in both her undergrad as well as her master’s in Social Work. It is actually printed on her diplomas. So to say that therapy doesn’t help- or that there isn’t life after DID, in my experience is just simply ridiculous. It just takes time to deal with severe abuse- and we all deal with it in our own ways.
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