Letter to David Shurter From Joanne C. Shurter’s Lawyer- Trying to Prevent Me from Publishing Rabbit Hole

This letter was sent to me by my stepmother’s cousin GERRY FRIEDRICHSEN, who is trying to use their bogus protection order to prevent me from publishing Rabbit Hole. However, with the edits as they are- Joanne Shurter is never mentioned by name- nor is my father, Robert Lynn Shurter Jr.  However- my father, sister, and brother- FULL BLOOD RELATIVES OF MINE,  are dead, and I can relate my history as much as I would like.

This is just another attempt to harass and provoke me- from a woman who is supposedly afraid for her life due to my book and website.  GERRY FRIEDRICHSEN is intimately connected to my father’s financial dealings and there is no way for him to seperate himself from my family- which gives him ample reason to try and bully me in order to make me cease what I have been doing for years.  It makes me wonder how scared these people really are of me- because it doesnt look like they are afraid in the least.  Again- something is wrong with the protection order that was granted against me.

The question is why are they so afraid of my book and the stuff that I am talking about – as it is their assertion that I am crazy.  So what difference would anything I do make if that was true?  This is what they said to obtain a protection order against me.  And now they attack me- right before Christmas.  Interesting.  Doesn’t seem like they are afraid- in fact just the opposite is true.  Except where it comes to my book.

They can’t stop the police from reading it- as they took it as part of my statement when I offered my DNA for a cold case here in town.  They are trying to stop me from exposing the crimes my family are involved with- and I just wanted to share this with everyone.  Again- it shows that they are not afraid of me- but what I am trying to accomplish.  And as far as I know- I can write a memoir of my life all I want- as it is my first Amendment right.  I am no where near Joanne Shurter- but instead of being afraid of me-  I would worry about what the police are looking into- as they seemed very interested in everything- including my DNA. If I were her lawyer anyway.

Merry Christmas all- it looks like it is going to be an interesting New Year.


December 23, 2011

Mr. David Shurter

Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503


Re:      Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story by David Shurter

Dear Mr. Shurter:

I am writing on behalf of Joanne Shurter to direct that you not publish, sell, distribute or disseminate electronically your publication entitled Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story that contains any statements about Joanne Shurter or her family that accuse her or her family of child abuse, child abduction, child trafficking, pedophilia, rape and murder. All are actionable as assertions of civil and criminal misconduct.

Please govern yourself accordingly.

Very Truly Yours,


For the Firm


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