New Entry on Wall Street Journal review on Sybil Exposed

These issues matter because there is a definite push to discredit claims such as mine in the media, despite the issues of child abuse inundating the nightly news. By the False Memory definition, had that assistant coach not walked into the shower, seeing Sandusky and a 10 year old, since there was not cohoberation of two or more, it would never have happened. Designed to protect pedophiles, the history of the False Memory Foundation is to attack victims in order to protect perps. Arguing inane issues such as the validity of psychotherapy and the details of how a person remembers through trauma, now they are trying to encapsulate the issues of satanic ritual abuse with Sybil and DID, dismissing the claims of abuse promptly, although Sybil NEVER said she was a product of such abuse. The media is heavily focused on promoting Debbie Nathan’s book Sybil Exposed, as well as dismissing issues of satanic ritual abuse, as shown by the ABCnews article about a therapist implanting memories of satanic abuse in his patients.

One only has to go to to see the validity of claims of such abuse- as well as others that are happening right now within our own borders. One must question why this push- and why now, when all of this has been dismissed for so many years as conspiracy theory. Considering all of the allegations concerning Penn State, the Citadel, the CDC, and Hollywood- perhaps that might be the reason, although I do not think that neither Sybil nor Geraldo can be blamed for everything that we are learning on a daily basis.

“Unfortunately- I am on the other end of the spectrum, as I, after years of trying- have finally accomplished getting the police to look into my family for their crimes when we were in a satanic cult here in Omaha NE. The major issue that I have with Debbie Nathan and Sybil Exposed in general is that there seems to be this odd attempt to push our nation’s history with satanic abuse on Sybil- when she isn’t blaming Geraldo. Her previous book can not be discredited, nor can the chapters “Contagion” and “Containment” in Sybil Exposed, showing that she has a definite point that she is trying to make, although neither work.

There are terrible therapists- just like there are terrible lawyers, dentists, and plumbers, but that doesnt mean that all of them are bad- or that therapy is bogus. It is very true that there are some out there that can be convinced of the most incredible things, but that doesnt mean that all abuse issues must be thrown out. I never suffered from DID, and many of my memories were never repressed– and I take issue with this whole “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” mentality. Also- my therapist has NEVER tried to tell me about my life- and so the whole False Memory theories can’t be applied to my situation, as I brought my isssues to my therapist, and not the other way around.

I honestly dont know much about Sybil- as her story was before my time, however, I can say that she had no influence on me or what I experienced as a child. And I have equated Geraldo with sensationalist journalism- and not really good at that, which is why he has fallen into pretty much obscurity. My issues concerning satanic abuse stand on their own, and right now, considering that I have already given my DNA, things seem to look as if my claims are solid enough that the police feel it is worth checking out.

There are horrid therapists out there- that is no doubt- and I don’t have any respect for Wilber’s methods, however, none of this has any bering on what is happening right now in my life. I cant speak for the validity of Sybil- but I can speak for myself and what I have experienced- and that is that satanic ritual abuse happens and is real.”

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