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I want to add my post this morning, as it pretty much details my concerns about what is happening with regards to Sybil Exposed and the False Memory Foundation purporting that she is the one who caused our nation’s history with satanic panic. The arguments in there are many- and much has been detailed in Nathan’s blantant disregard for the facts. I wanted to put what I put in this morning to keep people up to date with what is happening…

“Personally I think that Helen has been fine with what she has said- the argument is that she disagrees. I have read most of the comments on this book- and I dont remember the other side even ONCE entertaining the notion that Debbie Nathan has an agenda in this book. The personal attacks in here that are meant to be demeaning make the other side look like children, and makes it obvious that, although they aren’t directly connected to DN, they are definitely part of her fan club- and therefore have their own agenda in all of this.

I never read Sybil, I didn’t see the movie either (I was a bit young)- but suggesting that American women are prone to mass hysteria is stupid-considering in our nation’s history there has one been ONE “hysteria” in our history- and that has to do with satanic abuse.

Since Sybil NEVER ONCE SAID SHE WAS ABUSED SATANICALLY- the “other side” seems to be ready to pick at EVERYTHING else to try and make this assertion true- which is isnt.

Nathan’s focus with Sybil Exposed was not DID but with our nation’s history of satanic abuse- and no argument with Sybil is going to prove Nathan’s beliefs, nor is any argument about Geraldo.

The other side picks at those who stand against Nathan’s writing, but don’t bother to address the blantant False Memory stuff that Nathan is purporting. They just call their opponents names and dis on what they are trying to say or how they are saying it- rather than dealing with the specifics of what they are saying. Unable to deal with the issues at hand- they try to temper the argument with insults and berating comments. In debate- these tactics aren’t allowed- but since any moron can sit at their computer and type whatever they want- the rules of conduct don’t seem to matter.

The insults in here don’t make that side superior but rather makes it look like they cant hold their own without striking out at those who disagree with them- no matter how caddy they make the statements sound.

Helen has been great at presenting facts- and felicity is great as well- just to name a couple of posters. Stephen isnt so bad himself either. However, this bickering that the other side is presenting is hard to deal with- and the actions going on are like those of an alcoholic- who will do anything and blame anyone else to justify their own lack.

Beyond the insults- Nathan does have an agenda and Sybil DID NOT CAUSE our nation’s history with satanic abuse. I DID read Sybil Exposed, and I found the arguments to be way to simplistic for what happened, not to mention completely off base. Reading her posts on other sites- I have come to the conclusion that she is either a moron, or is hell bent on dismissing the real reasons why our nation’s history is as it is. Nathan is OBVIOUSLY a false memory advocate.

Of course the False Memory Foundation is basically set up to protect pedophiles, so that in and of itself says something. Of course- considering all the allegations of child abuse that are hitting the news lately- they have more worries than a book about Sybil. History always repeats itself- and since we are living in that time RIGHT NOW- I think we are all going to see for ourselves how this is going to really play out. Unless Nathan can somehow blame Sybil and Geraldo for Penn State, the Citadel, the CDC, and Hollywood- it is obvious that our nation STILL HAS THE SAME PROBLEMS IT DID IN THE 80S. And right along with the False Memory demands- there seems to be MORE THAN ONE WITNESS TO THIS STUFF. Unless Nathan can explain this all away-I am not sure what the whole argument is about.”

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