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Why the Argument about Sybil Matters

Why the Argument about Sybil Matters I left the following argument at . The author wants to suggest that in cases of abuse- for it to be substantiated, that two external sources are needed to make it fact. This is a set-up designed for liars and pedophiles, as I explain below. I also vent […]

About “Sybil in her own words” by Patrick Suraci, Ph.D

I recieved this in my email and was given permission to share it. There is a lot of good information in this post… SYBIL in her own words: The Untold Story of Shirley Mason, Her Multiple Personalities and Paintings The book “Sybil” by Flora Rheta Schreiber written in the 1970’s, has recently received media attention […] removed my Review of Sybil Exposed by Debbie Nathan

It is interesting that mine was the only post removed. Here is a copy of that review- some of you have already read it. Funny how mine was singled out. Could it be that I am actually on to something? Perhaps… A Classic Bait and Switch Equating Sybil and her story as the reason why […]

A New Post of Mine On concerning Sybil Exposed by Debbie Nathan

Below is a message I left on with regards to Sybil Exposed and the comments that are going on there. Again- if that isnt the pot calling the kettle black. Of course- looking at the big picture, I have to wonder why this whole aspect is coming up now, and what difference it makes. […]

Comments on Sybil Exposed, Omaha, and

This was put on Wanda K.’s review on Debbie Nathan’s Sybil Exposed David Shurter says: Lets put Sybil Exposed by Debbie Nathan into perspective- shall we? Sybil came along in 73- the movie came out in 76, but our nation’s “panic” didnt begin until the middle 80’s. Supposing that the THOUSANDS to Tens of 1000’s […]

Regarding the Comments on Concerning Sybil Exposed

             This is especially with regards to those under Wanda K., who left a review of her opinion of the book Sybil Exposed on  Someone under the name Lorne D. Gilsig , has been arguing the validity of Dissociative Identity Disorder, and has actually right out attacked me with regard to my comments […]

Sent to Me About Sybil Exposed

I ordered the book and it is on its way to me now, but I wanted to put some info that has already come to me about the book, besides that everything the woman is presupposing is about people who are dead and unable to explain the truth. Good thing everyone isn’t dead regarding Omaha! […]

Sybil, and the Timing of the New Book Hitting the Markets

Real ‘Sybil’ Admits Multiple Personalities Were Fake “In “Sybil Exposed,” Debbie Nathan explores the life of Shirley Mason — the psychiatric patient whose life was portrayed in the 1973 book and 1976 TV movie. Mason later admitted to her psychiatrist that she’d made the whole thing up — but not before the story manufactured […]