A New Post of Mine On Amazon.com concerning Sybil Exposed by Debbie Nathan

Below is a message I left on Amazon.com with regards to Sybil Exposed and the comments that are going on there.

Again- if that isnt the pot calling the kettle black. Of course- looking at the big picture, I have to wonder why this whole aspect is coming up now, and what difference it makes. One of the newest reviews of this book questions the validity of psychotherapy altogether, so I see why those who believe in the practice and realize the benefits to be gained from exploring oneself and their actions with someone who is educated in the mind and human practice (because NONE OF US ARE THAT DIFFERENT FROM EACH OTHER REALLY), would fight this against this book- but the arguments posed in support of this book are similar to the same old tactics that the false memory society promotes. Whether one individual had DID or not simply does not negate those who have, and to fight so hard for this book- which could be viewed as a product of propoganda, suggests that there is a reason why such a diagnosis and psychotherapy in general is being attacked once again. This is how it began last time, when our nation experienced “satanic panic”, which is the hysteria that Nathan refers to but skirts around in her book. However- again- on DavidShurter.com I explain why I believe this is happening at this time. Sybil, and her case, is old news, and with all that is coming out about satanic abuse, which Nathan DOESN’T talk about, probably because Sybil NEVER claimed to be a victim of such abuse, I was left wondering why she is so vague in her description of something that is a complex part of our nations history. I figured that there must be a reason why this book- concerned with our nations hysteria, along with psychotherapy in general, is coming out now- when the issue has been dead for decades, and why it is so focused on associating our nations past “hysteria” with ludicrus people in outrageous situations making sensationalistic claims. I have noted that there is a significant push to associate all of this hoopla about Sybil with our nations past and dismiss it in all entirety. However, when you rationally look at it, this case is impossible, and since the women are all dead, it not only serves as an argument that can never be won- but also serves as a wonderful distraction to the truth Sybil Exposed glosses over. Whether Sybil did or did not have DID- whether she and everyone around her lied or not- none of this caused the hysteria that Nathan talks about. Her argument fails, not in the details, where one could lose themselves forever, but in the overall scheme of her thesis. Sybil did not create our nations hysteria- and that is the fact of the matter. The question is why there seems to be such a fight to validate Nathan’s facts and dismiss DID, psychotherapy, and our nations hysteria all at the same time- esp. considering this is how the propoganda started LAST TIME this all came to a head.

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