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This was put on Wanda K.’s review on Debbie Nathan’s Sybil Exposed

David Shurter says:

Lets put Sybil Exposed by Debbie Nathan into perspective- shall we? Sybil came along in 73- the movie came out in 76, but our nation’s “panic” didnt begin until the middle 80’s. Supposing that the THOUSANDS to Tens of 1000’s of people who came forward about their children being abused (1200 alone at McMartin, over a 1000 in Omaha, etc) actually read Sybil, I guess they were either too stupid or too hysterical to realize that this was basically a craze and that there was nothing behind it. In Omaha, the issues of Sybil and DID didn’t even arise, except for one victim, Paul Bonnaci, and his case ALONE was used to dismiss the 1000’s of complaints that were recieved. In fact, DID was used to dismiss ALL OF THE CASES throughout the nation, pushed by the False Memory Foundation. Now, considering that our nation has a collection of satanically MURDERED children, in Michigan, in Atlanta, in Omaha, etc. unless you can conclude that Sybil is guilty of murdering these boys (funny all of them are boys), then I am not sure what the issue about Sybil is all about. If she is a liar- then she is a liar- and you cant take for certain that she DID OR DIDNT have DID, no matter what was said. But to try and put our nation’s history of satanic abuse on one person, therefore dismissing THOUSANDS of other cases, is absurd, esp. considering we have a collection of dead children that we could actually start off with instead of focusing on a crazy lady and her psychiatrist. The False Memory Foundation wants to throw individual cases out there to support their conclusions, when there is just as much evidence supporting the opposite side of the facts.
Omaha is a good place to start. For more info, go to my website and read Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Survival Story. There are MANY OF THE SAME ISSUES HERE- AND NONE OF THEM RELATE TO SYBIL.
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