Regarding the Comments on Concerning Sybil Exposed


           This is especially with regards to those under Wanda K., who left a review of her opinion of the book Sybil Exposed on  Someone under the name Lorne D. Gilsig , has been arguing the validity of Dissociative Identity Disorder, and has actually right out attacked me with regard to my comments and sending people to view my book.  Those survivors that I have spoken to have been distressed that Sybil Exposed puts the whole DID matter in question again.  However, even though I haven’t read the book yet (I expect it to be delivered today actually), I wanted to put some things into perspective so that we understand what is happening here.

            First and foremost, since many have spoken about Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) so much on the sites discussion, I am only assuming that is how it is referred to in Nathan’s book.  This is uneducated in and of itself, and the other reviews that I have read have stated that not only is she not qualified to write this book, but that her lack of understanding has been found to be nothing less than outrageous by some. Whatever the case of Sybil- and those issues surrounding the DID diagnosis, I want to point out that none of this has any bearing on what happened in Omaha, and the events that I speak about in my book.  I actually have never seen the movies nor have I read the book, so I was in no way influenced by whatever “craze” the book Sybil, or books like “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden”, which fall into the same genre, may have caused, since they were all before my time.  Lorne, in one of his comments, referenced the national hysteria that our country experienced during the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds, but had nothing to say when I pointed out that was a one time, one place hysteria that was based on the inappropriate behavior of a radio station that didn’t bother to announce it was an act and not real news.  Our nation is incredibly cynical; to actually push the idea that we, as a whole, could be forced into hysteria by a simple person writing one book is illogical. No book or movie has ever done what Nathan is purporting from Sybil, and certainly has no bearing on what I experienced, and what I reported in my book.  I don’t have DID, I didn’t read Sybil (it was before my time), and DID had little to do in events in Omaha, except where Paul B. is concerned, but like I have said, I have serious mistrust of his story.

            It is not a coincidence in my opinion that in researching Lorne I discovered that he was not only an ex LA police officer, but that he is also connected to Col. Michael Aquino.  Always asked who I think “the other side” consists of, all I can say for sure is that I know that I am a definite thorn in Aquino’s side, and the fact that his associates are jumping on Sybil Exposed, and expounding on arguments that need to be dissected for real this time, shows me that things are definitely heating up.  Coincidence or not, Sybil Exposed being published right now is a sign that the whole SRA issue is being revisited, and since Michael was so closely connected to this last time, to think that he wouldn’t be concerned of a repeat is silly.  People treat Michael as a sort of Valdemort, afraid to even mention his name, but this man, although highly connected, is simply a man, and I would rather face what I am afraid of, rather than run.

            I have been told not to bring up anything that Diana Napolis says, as she has been recently known to publish some incredibly off the wall stuff, but when confronted with being an acquaintance of Aquino, Lorne avoided any answer, even though it was he who first brought her up.  I speak of people surrounding Aquino that he uses to distract from himself, and Ms. Napolis is a perfect example of this.  Eager to drop her name, those who surround Aquino know this as well as I do, which is why they name her at a drop of a hat.  She once was a formidable opponent of Aquino, but a few years previous she began to complain that she was being electronically harassed by Aquino and his friends.  Considering that an “anonymous” person on franklinfiles told me that I was suffering from EHS (exploding head syndrome), I wonder if the sound that I have heard has something to do with what changed Diana, as those who know her have assured me that she has definitely changed.

            The sound I complained previously about pushed me to check myself back into Lasting Hope, not because I thought they could help me but that I wanted what I was going through documented.  The sound was only in my house previously, but an hour or so after I was laying in an admittance room waiting to be checked into my room, I heard the sound incredibly loud- which lasted for about 45 minutes.  When they came to get me to check me into my room, I told them I didn’t feel very well, and the end result was that they had to call 911 and have me rushed to Creighton University Hospital.  It seems that my blood pressure was 187/113, and they were sure I was having a heart attack.

            Interesting thing is though, I had just had my heart checked three months previously- and been told that I was in excellent health.  Keeping me in the hospital for tests, they didn’t understand how someone could “almost” have a heart attack, esp. when my blood tests came back showing that nothing had happened.  Of course, I am convinced that something was being done to me- to this day actually, and so I sent them to my website and had everything documented- demanding to talk to everyone I could to tell them of my concerns. 

            It was the day that the doctors came into my room and told me that my heart was fine and that stress couldn’t have done to me what I experienced that they began to understand the validity of my claims, esp. considering that even after my “episode”, my heart was found to be 100% healthy.  Since stress didn’t cause it, and it obviously wasn’t chemically induced, something had to cause what I experienced, and I explained that I, in my research, have discovered that the government has a weapon they use to silence dissidents and of my convictions that something of this sort was being used against me.

            Thank Heaven that I uploaded my book online a few days before and was able to refer them back to it to back up what I was saying; otherwise they would have just considered me mentally ill.  However, talking with me, those at Creighton began to realize that I was sane, and although what I was saying sounded crazy, I was not.

            I refused to go back home after Creighton wanted to dismiss me, instead demanding to go to Lasting Hope.  I didn’t hear the sound the whole time I was in Creighton, and believed I was safer in the hospital than back at home, and so that is where I went.

            Finding myself on a special unit with some incredibly dysfunctional people, and discovering that the wall my head faced was directly off the street, I began to believe that my whole experience was a set-up, esp. considering the first experience in Lasting Hope, of which I speak about in my book.  Figuring that I was somewhere where no one would listen to me, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The staff at Lasting Hope was excellent, and the nursing staff took the time to go to my website and read what I was dealing with.  Although what I was saying sounded crazy- after reading my book- you have an idea of where I am coming from with my concerns, and the staff at Lasting Hope was incredible, esp. the head nurse, who at one point during my stay asked me if she could give me a hug. 

            That noise was with me the whole time however.  Only in my bedroom, somehow aimed at my bed, I only heard it when I was lying down, but no place else.  I would walk into the commons area and wouldn’t hear it, but if I was in bed- it was crystal clear and loud.  Although I said nothing to the staff during my stay, I did admit it to “Tristan”.  However, the staff began to realize that not only was I not crazy, but the same head nurse referred to me as brilliant. 

            The sound was in my house when I returned, but it has diminished in velocity.  When I was going through the worst of it- I would only hear it in my house, not in my car, not out and about- just the place where I sleep.  That is the whole point of the weapon- to keep your brain from being able to sleep.  However, crazy or not, I was able to change the minds of several people who actually help people suffering from the cult abuse that happened here in Omaha, and actually made them think about the weapons of which I speak.

            Lorne, on, wanted to refer to me as a whacko- but the weapons  I am talking about are known fact.  The technology is definitely out there- esp. considering that Europe is using the technology to keep teenagers from congregating.  We know about sound, and frequencies, and microwaves, and we have the technology that goes along with that understanding.  Even microwave weapons have been all over television, used as non-lethal anti-crowd control devices.  My experience and what I believed was happening was completely documented, as was my mental state during all of this.  Considering that I got out the day after my doctor met me, it is obvious that I was psychologically stable, so both my physical and psychological health was documented in the experience, as well as sending a lot of health professionals to my website and my book.

            I think that trying to push Sybil as the reason why our nation experienced satanic panic is the same sort of propaganda attempt, and, at least in Omaha, it wasn’t  memories that were being reported to health and human services but crimes that were currently taking place that the BBC documentary “Conspiracy of Silence” reported on.  Also- considering that Michigan has a series of murdered children, as well as Atlanta, and California, along with those that occurred in Omaha- ALL OF WHICH REMAIN UNSOLVED, unless that can also be blamed on Sybil and hysteria, it seems that arguing about DID and Sybil is off the subject at hand- which is the real reason why this nation experienced satanic panic.

            Personally, I am glad that Sybil Exposed has come out, in that it will once again introduce people to the concept of satanic panic.  This is a good thing, in that it has been my experience that many have forgotten.  However, it is time to cycle back to it and take a closer look as to what happened, esp. here in Omaha.

            Lorne made the comment that it was amazing how many benzo’s it takes to shove down someone’s throat before it kills them, and though I don’t want to be paranoid, just because of  the history surrounding everything that I am involved with, I want to say publically that I am IN NO WAY SUICIDAL AT ALL!!!  This could be paranoid, however, considering that Lorne has ties with Michael Aquino, I can’t rule anything out, and subtle threats are just part of the game generally. 

            I will write more after I read the book.  I should have it today.  However, I wanted to address the concerns that were being presented out on the internet directly.

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  1. David Eichman

     /  December 10, 2011

    David you may recognize my name from the sybil exposed reviews. I wonder if you could contact me by E-mail I find your story very credible

  2. This site is like a classroom, ecxpet I don’t hate it. lol

  3. Lorne

     /  February 28, 2012

    I have always been amazed at the influence the internet has had on the paranoid.

    Yes, prior to going to graduate school I was a Los Angeles Police Officer. So, when I talk about investigating abuse cases I’m not just talking about the last episode of Law and Order I watched.

    And, no, I have never met either Mr. Aquino or Col. Aquino. Other than serving in the same Army, though in different places and at different times, the only connection between Aquino and myself was running afoul of “curio” the famous internet stalker who did time for threatening Jennifer Love Hewitt. The connection between us was cooked up in the over-heated mind of curio, a paranoid schizophrenic.

    That, however, has never stopped the disordered from repeating on and on that we are best-buds. I imagine when Prop 8 is finally defeated in California, the rumor will spread that we are married.

    But hey, if you can’t repeat as truth the delusions of a paranoid schizophrenic, why get up in the morning?

    I am proud of you for having the courage to admit that you were commenting on a book you had not read. I am less proud of your for rambling on about the “conspiracy of silence” about satanic abuse. You need to be more original.

    I am also sorry to hear you are still on about people using fantastical electronic devices to project thoughts into your head.

    That’s not good. I’d get that checked out. If you are over 40 I would suspect Late Onset Schizophrenia, Paranoid type.

  4. admin

     /  February 28, 2012

    LOL- you are a liar my friend. You showed your true colors on Amazon- and the fact that you are replying to me now only shows me that Rabbit Hole is starting have an impact on those involved in my past. I do not have any electronic devices projecting thoughts into my head- you are confusing me with Aquino’s friend Diana. It is nice to see that you haven’t changed – and are still the narcissistic condemning bullshit artist you were on Amazon. Interesting that you suddenly have the gumption to deal with me on my own website- as it has been quite a while since our last dialogue on Amazon. Truth will out dude- and there is no stopping it. And you better hope that you aren’t involved with Aquino- as I assure you that is a definite sinking ship- and is going to drag all those around him down. Just my opinion.

  5. admin

     /  February 28, 2012

    But I have to thank you- because truth be told- I had completely forgotten you. It is nice to be reminded- thanks.

  6. Lorne

     /  February 29, 2012

    I’m going to assume Admin is David, if that is not true then my comments might not apply.

    Diana is a problem, I will give you that. So many in the “RSA” considered her their champion. Now, however, she has been unmasked as a profoundly ill woman.

    So, do they admit that they made an error?


    No, they just call bringing her up a straw-man and soldier on.

    I am a firm believer in “you are the company you keep.” Those who were happy to march behind Diana now must own up to it, and maybe a little introspection on the subject of mental health might not be such a bad idea.

  7. admin

     /  March 5, 2012

    On Amazon- you were the first to use Diana as an example to discredit me. Personally- I don’t think she is ill but rather is a smoke and mirror distraction from Michael Aquino. She isn’t in my company- as I personally don’t believe her and look at her with suspicion, just because of the fact that Aquino and people like yourself are the first to use her in any argument against SRA and such in order to cloud the real issues with her bull.

    And yes- since I own the website- I am the admin.