removed my Review of Sybil Exposed by Debbie Nathan

It is interesting that mine was the only post removed. Here is a copy of that review- some of you have already read it. Funny how mine was singled out. Could it be that I am actually on to something? Perhaps…

A Classic Bait and Switch

Equating Sybil and her story as the reason why this nation experienced Satanic panic is impossible, esp. considering that she NEVER ONCE said she was satanically abused. This is a classic bait and switch, in that it promotes a person, when considering what happened in our nation during the “hysteria” that took place in the middle 80s to early 90s, to associate satanic ritual abuse with Dissociative Identity Disorder (once referred to as Multiple Personality disorder), in order to help dismiss from the mind all that goes with the issues surrounding SRA. Think about SRA- you will think about DID and Sybil and dismiss it because of the claims being made against her case. However, considering that Sybil didnt hit the market until 73, and the movie wasnt made until 76, and “satanic panic” didnt occur until the middle 80′s, that is an awful long time for our nation to dwell on a simple book. Sybil did captivate a nation, but to claim the influence that Nathan suggests is nonsense.

Ritual abuse does effect the victim, as we have seen in the recent cases of Shawn Hornbeck and Jaycee Dugard. Treating a person like an animal does effect behavior and personal insight. DID might be questionable, but Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not, which is the more common result of such abuse.

Omaha Nebraska experienced its own version of satanic panic, and all of it is associated with a failed credit union called Franklin and reported crimes that eventually hit the first Bush whitehouse. Considering that Dr. Wilbur practiced in Omaha at a time, shows the propensity of our local physicians desire at the time to experiment on individuals in the name of science, however, this is the ONLY connection that Sybil has with events in Omaha. I talk extensively about all this on my website and in my book Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story, which can be found on my site for free. It talks about the issues here that Nathan would consider “conspiracy theories”, although there is just as much documentation about the reality of Omaha as there is in her book stating that ritual abuse and satanic ritual abuse are a hoax.

Correlating DID with Sybil and therefore dismissing it, satanic ritual abuse does not so much deal with DID as it does human trafficking, which all of us are aware is a huge and growing problem. Nathan, and her book Sybil Exposed, is, in my opinion, a propoganda attempt to influence people so that they are encouraged to dismiss the larger implications of the abuse that this nation has been dealing with for decades by equating it with one subject and trying to dismiss it at that. Whether or not Sybil lied or not isn’t really the point- the real issue that Nathan skirts around in her chapters about “Contagion” and “Containment” is the question of what really happened here in our nation and why so many parents reported abuse against their children at the same time. Again- it is a bait and switch- think about this and not that. If you really believe that the 7 million people who read the book at the time festered on it for YEARS until it exploded in a national “hysteria”, and that is what caused SRA, then you also probably believe that the sun revolves around the Earth. Personally, I dont believe that it is that simple, or that Americans are that prone to hysterics.

Sybil Exposed is an okay read, but it political in nature and should be viewed as such. Things are getting ready to explode here in Omaha, and try as they might, I dont believe that the case of Sybil is going to justify the events that occurred here.

For an explanation of what caused SRA, at least here in Omaha, go check out my website at and read Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story.

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