Sybil, and the Timing of the New Book Hitting the Markets

Real ‘Sybil’ Admits Multiple Personalities Were Fake

“In “Sybil Exposed,” Debbie Nathan explores the life of Shirley Mason — the psychiatric patient whose life was portrayed in the 1973 book and 1976 TV movie. Mason later admitted to her psychiatrist that she’d made the whole thing up — but not before the story manufactured a psychiatric phenomenon.”  on Facebook, 10/20/2011

I sent out an email to the media and contacts about this, but wanted to bring it up on my website.  The timing of this book is interesting, as it is trying to say that satanic panic was caused by one person.  Right before my book comes out asserting quite the opposite.  This is the email I sent out:

“It is interesting, but I don’t think that the nation was all that captivated by Sybil nor her personalities, and to try to explain Satanic panic on this one event I don’t think is going to work.  Not really.  But I find that the timing for all of this is interesting. 

Again- I don’t think that trashing the subject before exploring it is going to work this time.  Sybil wasn’t the reason why so many children- from so many different areas, came up with the same claims at the same time, not to mention the child murders that occurred in Omaha, Des Moines, and Michigan, to name a few.  People aren’t as stupid as you think.

Anyway- I was asked to share this and so I am.  It is telling though, the timing of this.  Just perhaps another coincidence, but again- there are a lot with regards to everything I am talking about.”

As I write in the manuscript above, this is just an attempt at associating satanic panic with ludicrous people in outrageous situations, making sensationalistic claims

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