After Running Into Each Other Again

It was serendipity that we ran into each other again- esp. considering that I was caught by surprise when you came up to me at first.  I wasn’t expecting to see you, much less that you would be polite to me when you said hello. 

I have had no idea how to make sure that you knew of my site, yet today, I realized that you did.  Now that I know for certain, I can say what I need to.

First off, we both know that you again felt that you had the upper hand today when you came up to me.  However, who could have imagined that I would walk into you coming out of the bathroom.  That was just Heaven’s influence, because I was regretting not sending you to my website.  You see, we are responsible for what we know- and now I know for certain that you know.

Dad wants to save you.  He still loves you.  Me, I am pretty certain that you don’t have much of a chance, and I am pretty comfortable with that.  Whatever the case, it remains to be seen- since it is all in your hands now.  You will do what is right- or you will be claimed.

I would take the time to read the manuscript above.  It has a lot to do with all of us.

Your Son


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