Why the Argument about Sybil Matters

Why the Argument about Sybil Matters

I left the following argument at http://magicdogpress.wordpress.com/2011/11/26/sybil-exposed-finding-reality/ . The author wants to suggest that in cases of abuse- for it to be substantiated, that two external sources are needed to make it fact. This is a set-up designed for liars and pedophiles, as I explain below. I also vent my main criticism of Nathan’s book- in that it is agenda driven to shut down the very things I am trying to expose. There is a great deal of propaganda being waged to shut these issues down, and I don’t believe that is going to work this time.

“Two external sources huh? So had the assisstant coach not walked in on Sandusky plowing that 10 year old in the shower- by these standards- it didn’t happen. Child abusers RARELY IF EVER ABUSE WITH AN AUDIENCE. This is a game that is set up for abusers- for if they and the child they molest are the only two that know- then the child is out of luck.

This book is adgenda driven in that it wants to dismiss our nations history with satanic abuse with DID and Sybil, dicrediting it all together and trying to dismiss it the same. However, Sybil never said she was satanically abused. The issues of Sybil are now coming up to discredit what has started to become a movement in this nation- in that the victims of our nations history are starting to ban together. THERE ARE CERTAINLY MORE THAN TWO OF US IN OMAHA, AND NONE OF THE ISSUES HERE HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH SYBIL, ALTHOUGH THEY ARE INCREDIBLY CONNECTED TO OUR NATIONS SATANIC HISTORY.

For more info on what is happening here in Omaha- check out DavidShurter.com .

Oh- and if anyone has any questions as to whether Nathan has an adjenda or not- you only have to read the comments regarading her book on the Wall Street Journal. Nathan herself went on a rant and although she suggests Sybil caused our “hysteria” in her book in the chapters “Contagion” and “Containment”, she says that she is convinced that Geraldo actually caused “satanic panic” by failing to produce a family of satanists on his show in the 80s. It makes no sense- and it shows that she will twist whatever she needs in her mind to fit the picture as she sees it.”

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