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Stephen W. Shurter and Johnny Gosch- 1st Abducted Milk Carton Child

This was sent to me today about my brother showing up at a private event for Johnny Gosch in 2005. “ps…and your brother showed up in a county type vehicle a large white truck…one with orange cones in the back….so he knew someone, somewhere to have access to the truck.  he was noticed by my […]

Further Conversations with the Media, the Local FBI, and OPD 11/08/2011

A Retraction on DavidShurter.Com I said that my brother was at a Johnny Gosch seminar in Tampa, but after I checked my records, I realized I wrote down Miami- so I changed it. Still in November of 2005. (After an email I just recieved from one of the witnesses who told me about it- I […]