Further Conversations with the Media, the Local FBI, and OPD 11/08/2011

A Retraction on DavidShurter.Com

I said that my brother was at a Johnny Gosch seminar in Tampa, but after I checked my records, I realized I wrote down Miami- so I changed it. Still in November of 2005. (After an email I just recieved from one of the witnesses who told me about it- I discovered that I am wrong again.  It was Sept. 15, 2005 in Tampa).   I think my brother went there to find out what my father was saying, because Noreen Gosch herself told me that she recieved a phone call from my father, but didnt understand what he was saying until I came along. He spoke of “skeletons in his closet” and committing “crimes against children”. This was a private function, so how my brother even found out about it is question- but again, not so big as why my drug addicted, dying, homeless brother went to it in the first place. My father was coming clean- and they needed to know what he was telling people.

My sister told me that Officer Hale is mad because I made my stepmother cry. As the tapes at Nebraska Furniture Mart will prove, on the 15th of October, she is NOT afraid of me. What I am trying to do- yep- she is terrified, but of me, no, not really. All of this is some wierd sort of set up- and I just want to point that out. It might sound paranoid- but comparing my situation to all of those that I am speaking of- this is more of a pattern than a coincidence. Just more of the same.

I went to the county attorney yesterday to see if charges were pressed and was told no- I personally dont believe that she WILL press charges. She is doing everything she can to make me out to be a crazy man and get it taken care of though backdoor means- like getting a protection order on me. Now, after yesterday- I realize that the Omaha Police Department is helping her to do what she can to stop my website. Contrary to Officer Hale- I have EVER RIGHT TO TRY AND GET ALL THIS INVESTIGATED!! What they are mad about is that it is so public, and considering that DavidShurter.com got 166 hits yesterday- we are all starting to grasp exactly what is going on here.

I just wanted to let everyone know of the retraction on DavidShurter.com. With regards to the Omaha Police Dept.- if there is a better email to send this correspondance- I am all ears. Thanks.

David Shurter

OPD’s Response…

I understand your accusations but we need some evidence or something more to follow up on. If you have that please contact our Homicide Unit at 402-444-5656 or the Missing Persons Unit at 402-4445636. If not please don’t keep sending emails to the department with family issues. Write what you want on your website but you don’t need to send OPD emails about what you are posting. If we are interested we will go to the website or contact you.

My Response…

david shurter to Lt
show details 7:31 AM (15 minutes ago)

Is it possible to have my dna tested with what you have on Ricky Chadek to see if my father is involved? That would be a place to start. If you look at the cases of Ricky Chadek, Johnny gosch, and Jacob Wetterling, you will find that a big blue pickup and a white oldsmobile are talked about. Even I could find this out in the simple research I was able to do. My parents owned both.

My father came clean about his crimes with hospice, but no one listened to him. Just like what is happening with me. I am not sure what you want me to do. Ill stop contacting you, but I am not going to stop what I am doing on my website. I think that these cold cases need to be solved, and I have MANY reasons to believe that my father was involved.

This is a family matter- but you also have to understand that we are ALL aware of the political implications that this poses, and I just say that I am sad that the OPD is no more willing to help investigate this than what it was under Robert Wadman’s reign. I thought that things would have changed- but I guess I am wrong.

This will be our last email- but I am going to put this up on my blog.

Thanks for your time.

David Shurter

I sent out one last email directly after- that was this…

One Last Thing, Sorry…

After what I heard about Officer Hale from my sister yesterday, I dont have much interest in going to your Homicide dept, esp. after I realized that is who is helping my step mother right now. Like he told my sister yesterday- he has no interest in justice. Correct me if I am wrong, but this is what I was told when I filed my own report- RB# 44127Z, that homicide would be dealing with my case . Of course, considering that this report is going to go up in front of Officer Hale, I dont think that it will make much of a difference. I have no trust in the homocide dept. – you are helping a child murderer. Whether you guys want to check it out or not.

David Shurter

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