Stephen W. Shurter and Johnny Gosch- 1st Abducted Milk Carton Child

This was sent to me today about my brother showing up at a private event for Johnny Gosch in 2005.

“ps…and your brother showed up in a county type vehicle a large white truck…one with orange cones in the back….so he knew someone, somewhere to have access to the truck.  he was noticed by my people, first when he walked up to enter…he said to a friend, “so, is this where the meeting is?”.  my friend said…this is not a meeting.  that alerted him…as it was an event….program, etc…not a “meeting”.  so they watched him, while I was busy setting up.  they never saw him before and we all know each other.  then he came up and bought a book, before it started, while everyone else waited until the end, so Noreen could sign them.  He bought a book before the program started and left before the program began.  my guys followed him out….they saw the truck he got into.  they copied down the license plate number and gave it to me…all without knowing who he was.  He just did not belong.  I gave the number to Noreen, never heard again untiil three years later, when she got to know you, and your brother, and sent his pic for my guys to identify.  they said that it WAS him.  He was also using a Jacksonville area ISP computer address.  That is all that i heard on it ever again. ”

I asked if I could share it and was told that I could.  Again- the question is why my brother went to this event in the first place, considering he was a drug addict homeless alcoholic who was dying.  Why did he take the time to go to this- other than to find out what was going on.  How did he find out  about  it?  The whole episode is strange, and sounds EXACTLY like my brother.  Not to mention several people have identified him, as he made himself hard to forget.

I wanted to share this- to show that I am not the only one who has questions about this- or about a lot of what I have said actually.

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