A New Development With Local Omaha Police Officials

I have been ultra- critical about the actions of our local officials in Omaha Nebraska, but I want to amend some of the things that I have said.  I have discovered that the Omaha Police Dept. has been listening, and today I was contacted by the appropriate authorities.  Able to give my concerns to someone who was more than willing to listen, I want to extend an incredibly felt THANK YOU to the police department for helping me at least get all of this off my chest.

Nothing goes as fast as I’d like, and I am incredibly impatient as an individual,   and with that I just want to extend an apology for being so defensive in the postings that I have published thus far on this, as well as the emails that I have sent.  I realize now that people (including OPD), are listening and reacting, but it takes time.  I’m sorry for not realizing that more fully.

Again- the appropriate authorities are looking into my concerns, and so it seems that, one way or another, we will finally see resolution to some of this.

Many thanks goes to the Omaha Police Department- I know I haven’t made it easy and I appreciate your understanding.

David Shurter

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