About Nick Bryant and The Murder of Peter Citron, An Amendment to Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story

In my book Rabbit Hole, I speak about a low level player by the name of Peter Citron, a columnist for the Omaha World Herald, who went to jail for pedophilia during the “incarceration” phase of the Franklin Credit Union cover up. My mother’s best friend when they worked at the Sun Times, he was instrumentally involved with our family, and not just a little bit involved with what was going on here in town regarding the prostitution and trafficking of young boys. Anyway- my mother had broken contact with him throughout the years and so when he was dying and petitioning the courts to let him out of jail because he was failing with AIDS, I just assumed he died in jail.

This is not true however. Funny, my book is getting people in town talking again- and when they find out that I am the author of Rabbit Hole- I often am honored to have people tell me their stories and what THEY knew of the time- as much of it was in your face. So in this whole process, it has come to my attention that in the end- Peter Citron was labeled a suicide. Getting out of jail and returning home, it seems that this man decided to DRINK DRANO as a way to kill himself, at least according to authorities, although word on the street is that most I’ve talked to believes it was a mob hit and that the man was murdered to silence him. Just like all the rest.

Nick Bryant has written a book- and from what I understand- is going around making himself out to be the authority on Omaha, which I think is laughable. An out-of-towner is not going to get to the truth of the matter here- and it has been my experience that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. His book talks about DEAD PEOPLE and people who can no longer be held ACCOUNTABLE- which I think is telling all in of itself, but it lacks all counts of the truth. It DOESN’T deal with the MKUltra being done at the local air force base, it DOESN’T deal with the satanism that was occurring out at Hummel Park and the efficient disposal system they had at Forest Lawn, nor does it deal with the gay bar scene and all of the child trafficking that was taking place, as well as the massive amounts of the prostitution of boys. Many, MANY levels of the truth have been edited and left out- and when questioned- Bryant blames being afraid of others as a reason, that there are factions that he didn’t want to upset. Considering all that I have done and said- I am ample proof that the “bogeyman” of Omaha is no more and that people can, AND ARE, taking about it and telling their stories SAFELY now- proving Bryant to be far from the expert he proposes himself to be. People are talking again- making THEM the authority and not some hack who redid a book by John DeCamp and then has the audacity to go discrediting him. In my opinion- you can’t have it both ways.

Things in Omaha are all coming to light- and the more that people talk- the more that the truth will come out. That was my hopes in all this all along- and is the whole reason why I wrote Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story in the first place.

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