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Lucien Greaves, the Satanic temple, 22 Faces, and Facebook- Trying to Connect the Dots

In the 80s and 90s, a group of accused pedophiles enacted a group called the False Memory Foundation and proceeded to manipulate public opinion so that accusations of child abuse and trafficking that were stemming from our daycare centers and children’s institutions were ignored and a countless number of children were left to be abused […]

Survivor Addresses Judy Byington’s (author of 22 Faces) Husband About Lucien Greaves/Doug Mesner/Doug Misicko

Judy Byington’s husband, Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves, I think, has become pretty full of himself of recent. He just turned me into a Satanist – Doug said, “However, I hope to turn that all around for you. By the powers (that you have) invested in me, I now declare you a satanist. You are now a […]