Lucien Greaves, the Satanic temple, 22 Faces, and Facebook- Trying to Connect the Dots

In the 80s and 90s, a group of accused pedophiles enacted a group called the False Memory Foundation and proceeded to manipulate public opinion so that accusations of child abuse and trafficking that were stemming from our daycare centers and children’s institutions were ignored and a countless number of children were left to be abused at will. Blaming therapists for making up memories and magically implanting them in people’s brains, the fact that children were coming home from their daycare’s with STDs was TOTALLY disregarded. Brilliantly using propaganda techniques and our media, it is this type of behavior that we are beginning to see again as these claims are resurfacing once more.

Why does Lucien Greaves/Doug Mesner (who has spent years lying about the fact that he was indeed Greaves), his little Satanic sect, and the False Memory pedophile protection squad matter? Simply because the False Memory foundation has made it’s money in suing therapists, destroying victim’s families and lives in the process, in a mafia type fashion that is designed to intimidate and silence those of us who would come forward and speak honestly of our abuse. However, these are different days- and an organization who goes about saying that all satanic and ritualistic child abuse memories are implanted and thus not real who endorse a practicing Satanist as a spokesperson- (a boy who designed a pathetic copy of REAL Satanist Col. Michael Aquino’s Temple of Set and then lied about his Satanic identity for years), should discover they can’t have it both ways.

Knowing there is a battle coming- there are a collection of False Memory pedophile protection squad leaders who are mining for ANY AND ALL information they can use for legal battles concerning survivors, and people such as Mesner (whose real name is Misicko- changed for obvious reasons), and Debbie Nathan- are trolling around on Amazon, Facebook, and other social media sites looking for prey so that they (The False Memory Foundation) can eventually go on the offense- since that is the only logical move they have left- considering false implanted memories and such have been disproved over and over for a myriad of people- (whose own egos prevent us from letting that happen). They must attack and try to silence survivor’s, as it is the only thing left that they can do- and so they are trolling around, mining for information on Facebook and internet boards- looking for those who they can sue. Knowing no limits, shown by the False Memory Foundation’s SPOKESPERSON displaying his privates in a Satanic ritual that he was enacting in a public cemetery, logically it would not be beyond these people- who have a proven history of involving themselves with this type of behavior, to go trolling on the internet, looking for people to sue. There is very little that is BEYOND ANY OF THIS GROUP. The case they are trying to bring about regarding survivor activist Judy Byington and her book 22 Faces is proof of that, so if you are one of those people who have been duped by this group of people- I would suggest, for the sake of yourselves, your families, and your therapy- that you THINK before you speak. Pedophiles are predatory- and are, in my experience, complete sociopaths- and they focus on the weakest and easiest they can- and so they have a tendency to prey on the most vulnerable of us, so please please please be careful.


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