Survivor Addresses Judy Byington’s (author of 22 Faces) Husband About Lucien Greaves/Doug Mesner/Doug Misicko

Judy Byington’s husband,

Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves, I think, has become pretty full of himself of recent. He just turned me into a Satanist –

Doug said,

“However, I hope to turn that all around for you. By the powers (that you have) invested in me, I now declare you a satanist. You are now a satanist, Pat (Felicity). This is my “reality” that you conferred upon me, and I believe that you are a satanist. Further, I believe that you believe that you are a satanist, regardless of what you might say. I’m sure yu won’t attempt to invalidate my sacred belief. Welcome to being a satanist. ” As you can see, this was written here on Amazon, by a man who totally believes himself some sort of god – really?

The ‘change’ is taking awhile, but you know – a glass of wine and dip in the pool did the trick.

I can say that it is kind of nice that the founder of the Satanic Temple has come to save his minions here. Their skeptic abilities were faltering – big time under the weight of truth and logic.

We all can remember the literally thousands of posts that Doug has already graced us with here.

They never change – and, besides now considering himself some kind of cult leader – making him even more confused and self-righteous – we still hear the same ol – same ol.

Let’s see, first he insults and slanders – because he doesn’t have an answer or any evidence at all for what he claims.
Then, he – as usual – for the billionth time tells commenters that they haven’t read this or that – oh, that is choice – now, he is able to mind read as well as turn people into Satanists and spirits into gay people. Then, he tells everyone that they should listen to him – because ‘he’ is credible – the man who was ‘JUST’ arrested for indecent exposure after plopping his privates on a gravestone and posing for the camera. Then, he is going to lie – even though he isn’t sure – he hopes that Jenny’s family’s gossip is actually truth – not very likely – but, who knows? Then, he is going to use the Dr. Phil show as evidence – fools may believe this, but most know that Dr. Phil is TV (entertainment). Then, more slander and insults. Wow, I am impressed by this self-proclaimed ‘intelligent’ person.

But, the minions really didn’t ‘need’ him to save them. Doug uses the same tactics – so, boring. Yes, nothing new from Doug/Lucien Greaves – the founder and leader of the Satanic Temple.

Oh, but Doug/Lucien Greaves is a bit more creative with the ‘name-calling’ – probably, more up his alley – since he can’t seem to stop fantasizing that anyone is interested in his little privates.

If you notice how he ‘demands’ information, like you actually ‘have to’ bow down to him like the others do –

Doug has some serious problems with defining who/what he ‘is’ – that is evident, and he is taking this out on others. I think he is a very confused man.

He obviously hates survivors, but doesn’t even know them, and his hate and anger towards anyone who doesn’t agree with him is evident also. This has always been obvious with him. But, now – he is going to great lengths to try to explain his ‘beliefs’ – I am not sure if that is the right word – even. At any rate – for the sake of this discussion, he now agrees that child abuse is a problem and that it should be stopped. Okay? Agreed on that. He hasn’t a clue ‘how’ – and, helping abused children and/or survivors is definitely not his priority since he continues to poke fun at survivors who report child abuse or write their stories. How is it helpful to demean, insult, and defame the memory of those who write their stories of abuse? He is advocate for the ‘false memory syndrome’ despite that there is no such thing – (a term coined by the FMSF). He totally believes that therapists can and do implant memories in clients’ brains – like magic – just like he turned me into a Satanist? Children are being abused daily – child-trafficking is a huge problem – where is Doug/Lucien Greaves, if he is so concerned – oh, he is out playing with his friends from the Satanic Temple – doing rituals.

Here is the best I have heard all year. He claims that I don’t understand that he isn’t ‘really’ a Satanist, because he doesn’t worship Satan – he is actually an Atheist – and, seemingly, proud of it. As usual, for Doug – he thinks that he is somehow ‘above’ following social norms. In our society and in scientific research everyone knows that we use a type of ‘functional definition’ – so that everyone is on the same page – not wondering around out in graveyards confused about what words mean.

The ‘functional’ or ‘generally accepted’ definition of Satanism is “sa·tan·ic (s -t n k, s -) or sa·tan·i·cal (- -k l). adj. 1. Relating to or suggestive of Satan or evil. 2. Profoundly cruel or evil; fiendish.” (free online dictionary). I mean every child knows that, but Doug/Lucien has decided that ‘just for him and his group’ – the Satanic Temple – there are no Satanists there – just Atheists – and, we can tell that by reading his little interview. Okay? And, he says that ‘I’ am confused. Why would any idiot found a group and lead it – naming it something that it ‘really’ isn’t – for a joke – he says, it is surreal.

My thought – that Doug/Lucien is the one who people are laughing at – and, I do feel sorry for him. He has tried to come clean and admit ‘who’ he is – just would be nice if he ‘knew’ who he is, before publishing a bunch of nonsense and exposing his privates for the media. That is something he can’t take back – and, I think that it is sad. The man is beyond confused – and, definitely NOT credible at this point. So, don’t worry, husband of Judy Byington – you are doing fine. He is rambling out of control.

The big question – is he really supporting the rights of children and survivors – or is he exploiting them for his and others’ purposes? At this point, I don’t think he knows – if he doesn’t even know the definition of Satanic –

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