Why Lucien Greaves, Doug Mesner, author Debbie Nathan, and The False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad Matters

I was always taught if you control the perception of a thing, you control the thing itself- and this is exactly what this group of pedophile protectors has been doing- controlling the perception of child abuse and child trafficking. Doug Mesner, as Lucien Greaves, has been lying about his identity for years and it is just now that he has become public, getting himself arrested for indecent exposure in the process. This whole situation was designed to discredit satanism, child abuse, and religion as a whole- but all I have kept thinking about is where are the children in all this mess? Mesner has lied about so many things- and attacked so many victims- that suggesting that he is incapable of child abuse when that is a fundamental part of the satanism that I endured as a child makes me wonder if he is lying about this as well. Obviously obsessed with sex- judging from his website regarding his satanic sect that he has developed, I wonder how far his belief systems go and just who else he is hurting with his narcissistic belief systems.

MKUltra is connected with satanism- and there are thousands- if not hundreds of thousands of victims worldwide from all of this- and just because a boy pulls out his privates and teabags a headstone doesn’t deny the existence of either one. Most of the satanists that I dealt with have a problem with “keeping it in their pants”, and Mesner/Greaves seems to be no different- as he is PROUD of what he has done and will go on and on about how intelligent he is, as can be seen with his arguments on Amazon- as he tries desperately to try and focus people’s attention on Debbie Nathan’s horrible book “Sybil Exposed” (probably because the last two chapters- entitled Contagion and Containment- show the same sort of desperation he has by trying to assert that satanic ritual abuse is a fallacy and that our laws concerning sex with children are too harsh). Trying everything he can to bring focus off of his satanic rituals and exposing his privates for the world to see, all in an attempt to declare the dead Westboro Church’s minister’s wife gay in the afterworld, his whole dedication has caused a backlash against the False Memory Foundation- who have gone on and on declaring that satanism is a myth and doesn’t really exist and are now having to eat their words by endorsing such an idiot as their spokesperson. Simply trying to garner media attention- Mesner will do anything he can to bring focus on himself while trying to discredit child abuse. I guess the biggest question is WHY? Common for most pedophiles- they often have a history of denial as well- and it is hard not to equate the boy with the foundation he fights so hard for- since their history was developed and formed by a group of accused pedophiles itself.

The False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad matters because they are doing whatever they can to discredit satanic ritual child abuse, and child abuse as a whole- while attacking anyone who would come forward saying something different- like survivor advocate Judy Byington and her book 22 Faces. Mercilessly attacking over the internet and in real life- they stalk, attack, and try to deter anyone who would come forward claiming such abuse- ingratiating themselves into the survivor’s family and such- in order to silence those of us who have come forward. Mesner- as leader of this pedophile loving group, has come forth and publicly shown that such abuse concerning satanism does in fact exist- although it is my opinion that he is trying to take focus of Col. Michael Aquino and the REAL satanic cult Temple of Set and put it on his pathetic shenanigans, in order o prevent the public from delving too far into the truth of the matter that much of this is behind our problems with child abuse and trafficking. Knowing what I do about Aquino- having personally been raped by him as a child- I wonder how far this adoration Mesner has with the “satanic lifestyle” goes- and if he is hurting children when he isn’t being arrested for indecent exposure. Having shown that he has no limits- just how far has his CHOSEN belief systems reach- and WHO ELSE IS BEING HURT BY THIS BOY AND HIS GROUP? It definitely makes me wonder.


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