Who Is Argo on Amazon and Why Does it Matter? A Closer Look At the False Memory Foundation

The following post got deleted by Amazon- but I wanted to save it for posterity…

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argo says:

Felicity, debates don’t threaten me and since you’ve yet to debate points in this book, you will never threaten me.

Again, your drivel falls back to Doug and the FMSF.

That Must be all ya got.

I’ve never said child abuse is under-reported, another lying piece of propaganda.

I’ve testified before the house and senate against the therapists who kill 10 year old Candace Newmaker. What, beyond rants here, have you done to change public policy? (Bold is mine).

I’ve admonished Doug Mesner’s actions – now for the second time.

You lie, Felicity. You lie and cannot discuss Nathan’s book, cause you haven’t read it and, my friend, it’s crystal clear to all of us.

The challenge put to you over and over to write a post without pulling in Doug and the FMSF remains a challenge unmet by you. So it’s you running scared. Read the book, then you might have something to say outside driveling propaganda.

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Felicity Lee says:
I will spend a bit of time research those who have actually sued board members of the FMSF over time and add a list of links for you – https://davidshurter.com/ has some – and, I will add more later.

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argo says:
Go for it, Felicity. Find the lawsuits that led to convictions. David Shurter is far from a credible source. Amazon banned him and you’re going to use what he says to support your thesis. Good luck with that.

p.s. look like we are going to have a field day debunking your propaganda since you quote Shurter. LOL

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Felicity Lee says:

Again, how can I make this clear to you – this is NOT a debate, but a review and examination of this book. I am not here to threaten ‘you’ You mean nothing at all to me – except a person who is threatened by hearing or better yet – having the public ‘hear’ the truth. Nathan spends the last couple of chapters in her book ‘selling’ the FMSF as a professional group. She is also a spokesperson for them – though not on their advisory board, including writing several articles on the Candace Newmaker case – http://www.fmsfonline.org/fmsf10.n04.html http://www.fmsfonline.org/fmsf01.n04.html – written back in 2001, but whose counting the some 12 years since.

You say, “I’ve testified before the house and senate against the therapists who kill 10 year old Candace Newmaker.”

It looks to me that the person who did actually testify in that case is R. Christopher Barden, Ph.D., J.D., LP http://www.kidscomefirst.info/BardensResponse.pdf

So, let’s determine – if this be you – if not, since you brought this case up – which btw – has nothing to do with this discussion – except to again prove my point that you are all mixed up with the FMSF and here to promote their notions – R. Christopher Barden, Ph.D., J.D., LP He has spent his career, at least in the late 90’s and early 2000 suing therapists for ‘planting memories in clients brains’ – to the tune of literally millions of dollars. http://www.rchrisbarden.com/staff.html

He states, “These verdicts establishes again for the rest of the country that this practice [repressed memory therapy] has got to stop. To have an entire treatment method based on junk science is inappropriate,” said R. Christopher Barden.” http://www.rchrisbarden.com/staff.html 1996.

Reading all of this concerning the FMSF and their cohorts is a bit overwhelming for folks – as they use well-known experts in their field to make their points. As we see, their is money, money, money in these law suits. And, unlike others – they win – how? With the ‘false memory syndrome’ defense, which, as we can see, no longer flies in a new era of scientific research which has proved it impossible to ‘implant memories’ in people’s brains. However, the propaganda (lies), which the FMSF is famous for publicizing, has influenced public opinion – a public who believes that if you have enough credentials – you must be ethical – NOT.

What else has he done with his career – can it be that he has harassed therapists – hurt people? Could he be considered a leader of an “Chris Barden/FMSF Cult”?

“Excerpts from *Ethics and Behavior*, Aug. 1998,
written by therapist, David Calof, documenting the (literally)
criminal harassment of him by Chuck Noah, Francine Casebeer, and
other members of the Northwest FMSF chapter, which the ACLU
supported under the guise of “free speech.” (The ACLU appears to
have been co-opted by this particular private interest group –
read this journal.)

Francine Casebeer also attempted to perpetrate a fraud on the
court system when she furnished a mental evaluation to the court,
pretending to be Chuck Noah’s therapist when, in fact, she was
his co-harasser. She wrote in her evaluation that Chuck Noah
should be allowed to continue to “express himself”. Calof
reports that the FMSF rallies behind Chuck Noah’s on-going
stalking behavior and gross, defamatory statements about him.
He also cites how these people appear to “set-up” others.

David Calof comments on his experience with Christopher Barden:

(Calof) Pg. 168: “Recently I was subpoenaed as a witness in a
lawsuit against several mental health professionals in which the
plaintiff alleges the iatrogenic creation of multiple
personalities and therapist implantation of false memories. The
substance of my role in this case was that I provided 5 minutes
of consultation to the primary clinician, nearly 8 years ago, on
a clinical issue wholly unrelated to diagnosis, memory, or the
client’s evaluations about her past. Despite this circumscribed
and peripheral role in the case, I was subjected to a grueling 6
hr. deposition by R. Christopher Barden, the attorney for the
plaintiff. Barden is also a psychologist and the founder and
President of the National Association for Consumer Protection in
Mental Health Practices, a political lobbying organization with
close ties to the FMSF. (The organization shares several board
members in common with the FMSF, and Barden regularly employs
members of the FMSF Advisory Board as FMS expert witnesses. Most
of those for whom Barden legally advocates are members or
supporters of the FMSF.)

Barden is a well-known litigator in the FMS movement who
regularly presents at FMSF conferences and meetings and whose
work is often touted by FMSF Advisory Board Members, supporters,
and members. I was told in advance that the deposition would
pertain only to my recollections of my consultation, yet not one
question in the 6-hr deposition concerned my brief role in this
case. In fact, virtually none of the leading and argumentative
questions were designed to lead to the discovery of admissible
evidence in the case in question. Instead, the questions went to
my personal business (e.g., copyright ownership information for a
book I published) and to my views, which bear absolutely no
relation to the facts in the case or the consultation I provided
(e.g, copyright ownership information for a book I published)
and to my views, which bear absolutely no relation to the facts
in the case or the consultation I provided (e.g. whether I think
that certain leading experts in the field of trauma and abuse
suffer from paranoid personality disorder, whether I thought the
FMSF movement was conspiratorial, whether I thought childhood
abuse could be ascertained through astrology, what book I had
recommended to my clients, what journals I read, or how many of
my clients did I think I had injured). I was also asked to detail
my contact with several figures in the trauma recovery community.
Barden also read into the record long segments taken out of
context from some of my lectures. These were taken in the main
from pirated transcriptions made by the harassers. Further, I
noticed that Barden often referred to materials on the table in
front of him that I recognized to be handouts from the harassers.

At the conclusion of the ordeal, one of the plaintiff attorneys
said the deposition was ‘a fishing expedition, clear and simple’;
another opined that ‘it was not an interview, but an
interrogation.’ I later learned that Noah, Casebeer, and probably
other harassers had been aware for months that this deposition
was to transpire.”

Pg. 170: “It is worth noting that Noah’s aggressive pattern of
behavior is not without precedent. After he was privately accused
of child abuse by his daughter, he use similar aggressive and
very public tactics. In 1993, he was finally forced to stop
picketing his daughter’s former therapist when that therapist
obtained a second antiharassment order against him (MacDonald v.
Noah, 1993)”.

I see now that the post I am responding to was removed by Amazon, probably because you called me a ‘liar’ – I no longer report to Amazon – because I want to hear what you have to say – and, be able to respond.

Anyhow, the very fact that the FMSF and other such groups’ agenda IS to sway public opinion – it may be difficult for the public believe that Nathan would take the time to write a book for the sole reason of desecrating ‘Sybil’ the book and Shirley Mason in order to sway public opinion that there is no such thing as DID – but, yes – these folks’ have the time and money.


I would like to discuss this with you, my research is abundant – more up-to-date – and, suggests that this book is nothing more than propaganda for an ignorant public –

You asked me, “What, beyond rants here, have you done to change public policy?” Answer – I do everything that I can to improve the quality of abused children and abuse survivors. I am sorry that I do not have the credentials of those who work within the FMSF and other affiliated groups. My agenda is NOT to protect the perpetrators – but, to see them gain a fair trial – and, this will not happen as long as experts like Bardon are called as expert witnesses – I think all can see how that works for the victim?


First of all, Felicity is one of my heroes. Her arguments are articulate- accurate, and constantly coming up against a small group of the pedophile protection squad-it is just amazing that she keeps going. Thanks Felicity- and if you don’t mind- I gave you your own page so I could keep that which Amazon deletes.

Secondly- the reason why I was banned is because this group of pedophile protection squad activists worked for two weeks to get everything I was saying banned- basically because my argument detracts from theirs. You see, there was no DID for me, and my memories were SUPPRESSED- NOT REPRESSED- in that I didn’t forget my past but rather chose to consciously RUN from it. Also – there is AMPLE evidence that the situations in which I relate my experiences before, during, and after existed and that the people that were involved and publicly spoken about are many of the same in my abuse- along with countless nameless others. The False Memory Foundation (I leave out the Syndrome part on purpose because it was disproved to EVER HAVE BEEN ANYTHING OTHER THAN A REPORTED FAD TO MAKE MONEY IN THE COURTS SUING THERAPISTS), is trying to fight and discredit anyone and everyone who would come forward and honestly talk about their abuse- and that threatens their hold on the perceptions they would like to discredit- even though they endorse people such as idiotboy Mesner, who distract from those who are REALLY behind the FMF fight- such as Christopher Barden. THIS MAN has a history of having no limits and his behavior has RIGHTLY SO scared therapists and anyone who would come against him by being ferocious and, like any educated man- voracious. Of course- he only writes for the False Memory Foundation- which is a group designed by accused pedophiles to protect other pedophiles- so in many ways- he is MUCH WORSE THAN THE PEDOPHILES THEMSELVES, protecting in such a way the group that he has personally endorsed so hard. Being one who understands conviction- and standing by those convictions, I respect Barden only a little more than I do Mesner- at least he doesn’t whip out his privates to get his picture on the nightly news, but in the end- they are fighting for and protecting pedophiles. If getting banned by Amazon is all they got- then they got nothing, considering that a SLEW of the them ended up getting banned right after as well. However- they will do whatever they can to discredit me any time they can in hopes that people don’t listen to the fact that ALL I AM DOING IS TRYING TO GET MY FAMILY INVESTIGATED. It has been the facts of the situation as they have presented themselves that has made it what it is today- but again- IT IS NOT ABOUT ME, but rather the bigger picture which is the fact that I have given ample reasons why this hoopla in Omaha needs to be re-looked at- which is probably the same reason this pedophile protection squad is so desperate from acknowledging that I am getting way over a thousand hits a week from people who are, in fact- seeing that I have not only been logical in my arguments- but CONSISTENT. I have a blog to show that. When you don’t lie- you don’ have to remember the truth- and so it is just the right thing to do on my part- keep on keeping on no matter what the critics have to say.

So why does Argo matter? Because it is another example of an anonymous person getting on and trying to influence public opinion but by their very name are doing so deceptively- especially when most of all they have to offer is attacks, criticism, and constant derision. Watching Felicity on Amazon fighting against a ridiculous bunch of False Memory propaganda- I felt I needed to help in the fight anyway I could- and this is the best way I could think of in doing so. The False Memory people, fighting for accused pedophiles- could be the very ones influencing the public with regards to child abductions and trafficking as well, which is why we have the PANDEMIC THAT WE DO. Lawyers are suspect in my opinion- people with the personal history of Barden voraciously attacking those who would go against the pedophiles that he would protect are ESPECIALLY suspect- considering he has made it his life profession attacking victims of horrific abuse and, in many ways- re-abusing them at the same time. That is when he isn’t trying to find the best people to sue, hungry as he seems for any legal battle he can get into. However- his allegiance is with the False Memory Foundation Pedophile Protection Squad- and according to Felicity’s post- the main watchdog for the group- yet, even still, it is the Foundation that is at question here- and not the lapdogs they use to protect and hide them, such as penis exposing Mesner and their lawsuit happy guard dog Barden. Generally a case of smoke and mirrors- I believe it is THIS GROUP that is behind the desecration of integrity and honesty concerning children being abducted, sold, raped, governmental sponsored tortured, and ritually murdered- although it has been my experience that is has been going on even still- which is why Argo, and Critthink- and all of the other anonymous names that whoever is using to influence public opinion matter. Because they are fighting for children to be abused- and it isn’t okay. Period.

Debbie Nathan’s book is nothing more than a distraction and is so full of propaganda that she dances around like Rumpelstiltskin in her chapters Contagion and Containment where she tries to explain her myth that satanic panic was more about therapist implanted memories rather than the fact that children were coming home from their day-cares with STDs and claiming they were being raped and ritually abused within their day-cares- where this infestation was located at the time. However- living in the days of child and human trafficking- things are different-somewhat. I mean – the government wants a medal for cracking down on 100 pedophiles worldwide- and yet- even here in Nebraska- trafficking is STILL a problem- and the reason is because politicians like Ernie Chambers are fighting for the rights of the pedophiles by trying to disregard the rights of the victims, which seems to have a history of happening everywhere in the nation- so this show of justice was just that- A SHOW. Changing nothing- the only thing that changed was public perception- allowing people to sleep a bit better at night, which the whole reason why Nathan’s book matters not- because it is nothing more than a desperate ploy to distract from the REAL problems facing our nation concerning 2,185 kids being reported missing daily, (not mentioning all of the “throw-away” kids who leave home and all of the illegals who have only ADDED TO THIS NUMBER), and the fact that our elite are getting rich selling the children of the poor- and that law officials DO NOTHING to help the victims and in fact- often side with the pedophiles to help cover up their crimes- like people such as Deputy John Pankonin, Judge Marlon Polk, Nebraska State Patrol, the mayors office- both old and new, and the Omaha police department- who have a PLETHORA of cold cases concerning children and NO SOLUTIONS to as what caused such a rash of disappearances in the 60s and 70s. Judging by their behavior- chances are they never will- not before we are all long dead and gone, and none of this ends up mattering- which is what I am trying to prevent.

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