Dealing with Trolls on the Internet- And My Local Authorities Failure to Investigate Crimes Against Kids

I have certainly been a target for criticism online for years now- generally from people acting badly in their anonymity. This has been true for most of the social sites that I have been going to trying to get my family investigated, as I have been accused of trying to make money on a book rather than anything else. This belief is wrong, as I went to the police and local officials trying to have my family investigated for their roles in child abductions and trafficking long before I ever put my situation on paper- and it was the fact that I got NO WHERE with police that forced me into writing a book in the first place. In fact, the Nebraska State cold case patrolman in Lincoln NE- a man by the name of Bob Frank, even went so far as to help my step-mother file two secret police reports on me in order to help the child killing pedophile rather than the victim in this case, which unfortunately happens to be me. When I went to the police to report my family, I had no idea that I would have to jump through as many hoops as I have- or deal with the rash of crap that I have from people who are both ignorant of what I am saying, and critical because of their ignorance.

Social media has been esp. hard to deal with- as every anon has an opinion. This was especially true on Amazon- where a group of the False Memory Foundation’s pedophile protector squad followers did their collective best to get me banned from commenting on the site. Still- even now they are attacking me-

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Go for it, Felicity. Find the lawsuits that led to convictions. David Shurter is far from a credible source. Amazon banned him and you’re going to use what he says to support your thesis. Good luck with that.

p.s. look like we are going to have a field day debunking your propaganda since you quote Shurter. LOL ”

Of course- these people have NO IDEA what I have reported to police- both in Nebraska and Michigan- and their arguments are always against me personally- and generally not what I have to say about abducted and murdered kids with regards to my father. I had no idea that in order to report a crime to the police you first have to win a popularity contest- and the fact that many feel free to attack me when I was a victim of all of this shows how inhumane most people are online, guarded with their anonymity.

I have also had it said that I am in this to help children- but that is also a fallacy. I am in this to get a bunch of abducted and murdered kids investigated- and though I am trying to help survivor’s of this come forward- my reasons to get this investigated are not at all altruistic. In fact- what I am doing is totally selfish- in that I believe if I can get my father investigated for his “crimes against children”, I- as his son- will be able to escape this mess and finally will feel free to live my life rather than be bound by my past. Of course- the fact that I was forced to MURDER CHILDREN up to the age of 10 has ALSO been flung in my face over and over- but in all honesty- that is part of the guilt that drives me to move forward when anyone else would have quit a long time ago.

The trolls on the internet have been many- and their biting comments have been harsh, but even with that- they have not been as bad as the local officials turning a blind eye to all of this mess. Douglas County Judge Marlon Polk, Nebraska State cold case detective Deputy John Pankonin, ex-Omaha mayor Jim Suttle and the newly elected mayor Jean Stothert- just to name a few- have ignored and even fought against what I have been trying to uncover- for whatever reasons. I think it is because my family was involved with things that went WAY BEYOND THEM- but whatever the case- the end result is the same. This group of people have been adamantly fighting for a child killer rather than listening to the victims in this case, which not only include me but my older sister as well. Worse than any troll on the internet- dealing with our local authorities lack of initiative to help a victim has been the most frustrating of all.

Unsure of what I can do next- I am just trying to keep on keeping on with any and every attempt to expose this- despite what anons on the internet and local authorities have to say about it. At this point- if this DID COME OUT- local officials and police would have egg on their faces- and they will do anything they can to prevent that, even if it means defending a child killer like my stepmother. Swearing to uphold the law- they are DERELICT in their duties- and as such- MANY MANY CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN have gone left unsolved- not because of the lack of information on these cases but rather because of a lack of initiative to solve them. Blaming EVERYONE but themselves- and that includes the victims of this mess- our local Omaha Nebraska officials are just as bad as the child killers themselves, fighting to keep all of this secret.

One thing can be said in this though- and that is I am NO TROLL. My name has been plastered all over the internet- and I have OPENLY AND HONESTLY fought for the truth to come out in all of this- despite what my anonymous detractors would say about it. I am fighting to have crimes against kids uncovered- and those who would come against me, knowingly or not- are taking the side of the child killers in this case, so forgive me if I don’t find the opinions of those too afraid to put their names with their opinions valid or worthwhile. There is more at stake here than entertainment, and though trolls often impress themselves with what they consider wit- it is hard for me not to lump them all together and think that they are just a collection of people who condone child abuse and killings, often finding it funny or amusing.

This is a very sad take on life- and those who find child killings funny are pretty despicable in my opinion- but even they don’t amount to the disgust I have concerning the people who ARE PAID TO INVESTIGATE SUCH THINGS. They are ACTIVELY fighting for child killing pedophiles- and I find that it is no wonder that Omaha police and local officials have the PR problems that they do. In fact- knowing what I do- it is fitting.

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